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What benefits does Artificial Learning have in schools education

What benefits does Artificial Learning have in schools education

Posted by Classteacher at December 18. 2017

Right now world is facing big changes all around, particularly within the ways in which we have a tendency to do things and a lot within the ways in which we have a tendency to communicate. Education world is additionally affected with these changes, leading to virtual lecture rooms and plenty of alternative things, due to the information technology.

But this is often not the end, maybe all of it's simply start to the leading IT, laptop and mobile firms are seeing the long run with countless possibilities. Wherever today’s trendy ways which can appear like stone age technology. Nowadays we have a tendency to use technology like Class-pad that is an android and window’s tablet for education, wherever lecturers and students’ affiliation gets a lot of strength and achieving higher goal of higher education.

AI: Speculated options

Totally Technological: If everything goes well, there won’t be any lecturers within the classroom, there'll be an operator who will activate or deactivate the AI system for the classroom (that too for saving energy).

Personalized Support: It's speculated that future education system are going to be dominated by virtual lecture rooms therefore there'll be total personalization within the modules, which will be designed as per student’s caliber and his/her want.

Better Assessment: AI essentially is a programming that will work via human voice, therefore it's assumed that it'll be having great computing and assessment capabilities, leading to higher and quicker assessment of course and the progress of the student’s.

Additional Support: It's assumed that AI can go through quick search into the database, like i-Perform and can be doing it at the optimum perfection, therefore it'll be pretty easier for service suppliers to provide the user (the student) extra support while studying.

Re: What benefits does Artificial Learning have in schools education

Posted by stevesmith at February 08. 2018

Benefits of Artificial Learning

By introducing Artificial Intelligence in schools, teachers will no longer have to worry about the logs they keep on each student. No need to spend hours on delivering concepts and establishing goals for each student. The machine will be able to do it on its own,the main criteria behind this is to help educators see how each and every topic is being learned by the students, Instead of simply instructing the ideas to the general public, teachers can see what methods are not working well and specify how exactly they can change the curriculum to make them work better.

The students can not only be graded by the machines but also feedback given from analyzed data and their recent submitted tasks. Once the machine is taught how to analyze the progress  a student is making over time as well as how well they understand different concepts the teachers are showing them, it can be able to assess it.

Some software allows you to match students that need help and available teachers. No need to facilitate such appointments all by yourself or to try to fit another meeting into your busy schedule. The system will do all of it for you.

Finally, Artificial Intelligence can help teachers make the process of obtaining new knowledge more fun and challenging with the aid of advanced technologies. All we need to start using this approach is by doing an in-depth analysis of the best-working practices in the classrooms. Once you have done this, simply add more fun and creative tasks based on already existing successful activities.

Artificial intelligence has all the potential to speed up the progress in the educational establishments. Teachers will get to save time on their daily routine tasks. Therefore, they will be able to use this time to actually work with students.

Re: What benefits does Artificial Learning have in schools education

Posted by Muskaan Sharma at March 15. 2018

Here are some of the benefits of Artificial Learning in our educational systems.

Personalization. It can be overwhelmingly difficult for one teacher to figure out how to meet the needs of every student in his/her classroom: remedial students, advanced students, ESL students and the disabled all need to have the same access to learning. AI systems easily adapt to each student’s individual learning needs and can target instruction based on their strengths and weaknesses, meaningless work for teachers and a more meaningful learning experience for students.

Tutoring. Yes, it’s already happening: thanks to AI, machines are taking on the role of humans in many capacities, including tutors. As with human tutors, “Intelligent Tutoring Systems” can gauge a student’s learning style and pre-existing knowledge to deliver customized support and instruction.

Grading. This is arguably one of the most tedious teaching tasks and takes time away from more meaningful and purposeful pursuits, like lesson planning and professional development. Machines are now so far advanced that they can do much more than simply grade an exam with an answer key; they can compile data about how students performed and even grade more abstract assessments such as essays.

Feedback on course quality. AI can identify instruction gaps in the course content based on student performance on assessments. For example, if a significant percentage of students answer a question incorrectly, AI can zero in on the specific information or concepts that students are missing, so that educators can deliver targeted improvements in materials and methods.

Meaningful and immediate feedback to students. In an age when most communication occurs online or via text message, students are increasingly hesitant about taking risks in front of teachers and peers. They shrink from receiving critical feedback in such a public forum. With AI, students can feel comfortable to make the mistakes necessary for learning and receive the feedback they need for improvement.

Re: What benefits does Artificial Learning have in schools education

Posted by gurukulam at October 29. 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) has slowly but surely entered every area of our lives, from online shopping to TV viewing to everything. AI or Artificial Intelligence, in other words, is the study of man-made computational devices and systems. Today, AI has been a hot topic everywhere and is making its way into education. However, some say it will take over education to the impairment of students, whereas others indicate that AI will revolutionize and improve education. Artificial Intelligence does not minimize anything from classroom instruction, in fact, it enhances the quality of education. Over the last decade, there are several challenges of learning, including language processing, reasoning, planning, and cognitive modelling have been addressed by the artificial intelligence applications. In fact, both education and Artificial Intelligence have been made for each other. Whereas, education is a means to develop minds capable of leveraging the knowledge pool, while Artificial Intelligence provides tools for developing a more accurate and detailed picture of how everything works. There are many advantages that artificial intelligence provide like tutoring, grading, any personalization in education, feedback on course quality, immediate feedback to students, etc., and a few previous examples really prove it such as : Smart content creation, from digitized guides of textbooks to customizable learning digital interfaces, are being introduced at all levels. The ultimate goal of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is also said to be a virtual facilitator for the learning environments. It is to create virtual human-like characters who can think, act, react, and interact in a natural way, responding to and using both verbal and nonverbal communication. It also aims to pave the way for new learning pathways in the coming years. Because education is a domain largely handled by human-to-human interaction. However, integration of AI has been slower to develop the necessary human-like attributes of responsiveness, adaptability, and understanding.

Re: What benefits does Artificial Learning have in schools education

Posted by Alok Kumar at May 28. 2019

AI based learning platform is helping teachers fill gaps in the existing curriculum and come up with new and interesting teaching methodologies. Students can use applications or interactive education modules provided digitally to supplement and complement their classroom learning. AI can help break down the geographical barriers and provide students access to education, irrespective of their location. Technological advancements in education are also helping students and teachers collaborate easily.

Therefore, the assistance that AI provides can be put to good use to make the learning process more productive and efficient, without eliminating educators.

Re: What benefits does Artificial Learning have in schools education

Posted by Infomatica Academy at July 18. 2019
Artificial intelligence is now becoming an integral part of our lives and has defined its role in various fields. Now Artificial Intelligence is no longer just confined to movies related to science fiction. We find it is a part of our routine lives and in our classrooms. Here are some key benefits of Artificial Intelligence in education which helps in the overall learning experience. 1. Customized Education The personalization in education is one of the benefits that Artificial Intelligence is expected to contain in its armory. Usually, in a classroom, it can become hard for a teacher to meet the expectations of all the students. For example, there might be different kinds of students present in a classroom that teachers have to deal with such as students with special needs and English as Second Language (ESL) students. It is extremely significant that all of them have the same access to learning to education and learning. But the quality of Artificial Intelligence is that it is able to become accustomed pretty simply to the individual learning requirements of a student. The Artificial Intelligence can also give targeted instructions that are based on the individual strengths and weaknesses of the students. So overall, Artificial Intelligence helps enormously in improving the learning experience. 2. Supervising Performance According to Allister Allen, professional custom essay writer, artificial Intelligence makes it a lot uncomplicated for school teachers and management to keep the performance track of the students. Through the use of AI, the huge volume of data and statistics can be managed effectively as compared to the regular system schools and colleges normally have. Moreover, teachers can use this data to create specific reports that assist them to recognize the progress being made by different students. The good thing is that through AI, individual reports of each student can be generated as many times as needed that gives the precise information. 3. Productive Feedback for the Curriculum Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence has the ability to discover breaches in the content of course on the foundation of how students are performing in the assessments. Let’s consider the scenario if the majority of the students in a class are not able to answer a question the correctly. Here, Artificial Intelligence can actually look into that sample and spot if certain concepts are absent from the course or not. This, ultimately, can assist teachers to make available better educational materials or use improved methods of learning so that students can progress in those areas. 4. Providing Important Feedback to Students Usually, the students have a growing insecurity about asking questions or clearing the course’s concepts with their teachers in front of their fellow classmates. The students are also worried about getting critical advice for their performance on a public forum. But through the use of AI, students would feel more at ease when it comes to making mistakes that are essential for them in order to learn well. Moreover, through the use of Artificial Intelligence, students would also obtain the necessary suggestions that they require in order to improve. 5. Education Would Become a Fun Experience There are a lot of techniques in which Artificial Intelligence can make education a more fun activity. It can make a kind of engaging experience that you require in order for getting students captivated on to their class and comprehend all that is being taught. Artificial Intelligence is being used in various simulation and gaming technologies already that can play a major role in this regard. Now, Artificial Intelligence can truly make education a lot more flexible and perceptive. In fact, it can be used in order to persuade students to develop knowledge themselves. So Artificial Intelligence improves the learning experience in this modern era where this is short attention span. 6. Global Interaction with Peers Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, it would become a reality for schools to construct a global classroom. Now, it would no longer matter as to where the students are physically located. If students are incapable to be present at a class due to some reason, all they would require is to visit a link, click on the link, and the student can connect with the live classroom virtually. Likewise, due to the presence of Artificial Intelligence, it would also be possible for students to interact with their peers even if they were hundreds of miles away from each other. There should be no doubt about the fact that Artificial Intelligence is making education a lot well-organized and simpler than what it was. In fact, students can use Artificial Intelligence in order to interact with their teachers as well as other course-related experts. Here you can see that how far Artificial Intelligence can go to improve the learning experience for the students. 7. Responsibility for Teachers The teachers would always play a significant role even in the Artificial Intelligence era and beyond. It would become a necessary function for the teachers to use AI, delivering the practices of AI-based technology according to the requirements of their students. The teachers would be responsible to use Artificial Intelligence more to supplement the most excellent ways of learning and teaching that already exist. The use of Artificial Intelligence will certainly reduce the hectic work and physical requirements of providing education to the students. Now with the use of Artificial Intelligence, teachers can outsource their targets easily and achieve results set for each and individual performance of a student. So, teachers, through the use of Artificial Intelligence, would have a significant part in delivering and improving the learning experience for the students.

Re: What benefits does Artificial Learning have in schools education

Posted by peter parker at February 20. 2020

I think that these days schools should aware their students about Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. If the schools starts doing this then it will be beneficial for the students to decide that in which field they want to in future and then only they can decide that for which technology they have to study in their higher education.

Moreover as our world is growing very fast in the world of Artificial Intelligence, so schools should teach their students about the Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning so that the growing students can learn that how to make use of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.

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