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This topic provides information about eBasta, a framework to make school books accessible in digital form as e-books.

About eBasta

eBasta is a framework to make school books accessible in digital form as e-books to be read and used on tablets and laptops. The main idea is to bring various publishers (free as well as commercial) and schools together on one platform.

Besides the portal, a back-end framework to facilitate the organization and easy management of such resources has also been made, along with the web based applications that can be installed on tablets for navigating the framework.

Stakeholders involved

The framework, implemented as a portal, brings together three categories of stakeholders: the publisher, the school and the student. It provides them with the following primary functionalities:

  • School/Teachers : Browse content, pick what suits, organise into bastas (a collection of e-contents)
  • Students : Identify e-content/bastas of interest and download
  • Publishers - Upload and manage content in the portal

How to use eBasta

Accessing eBasta

  • You can use the eBasta from any android based tablet, mobile phone, etc via eBasta App. To download the App, click here.
  • You can also visit the eBasta portal.

School / Teachers

  • Create an account as "teacher" in the e-Basta portal. To create an account, click on the “Register” link. Fill out the the registration forms and you’ll have a registered account.
  • Create eBasta - a compilation of "eContent" organised in a hierarchical fashion.
    • eBasta helps you choose the best of eContent from different sources, and make it available at one click to your students.
    • The eBasta can be compiled by using eContent provided by popular publishers.
    • eContent can be a eBook (textbook chapter or entire book) or Animation or Video.
    • The “Search e-Content” menu allows you to find your eBook based on class and subject.
    • Once the e-Content is selected, add into your cart and finally create as an ebasta.
    • You can share the name of the eBasta you created to your students. The basta names are unique. The student can search for that eBasta on eBasta portal and then download it. A number of other attributes are also available for a basta, which can also be used for search if needed.


  • Search for your relevant "eBasta" (a compilation of "eContent" organised in a hierarchical fashion by a School or teacher
  • You can search for the required eBasta and then purchase the eBasta. You can also browse the available eBastas and purchase the desired eBasta. The purchased e-bastas are available for download into your reading device.
  • Cost of a eBasta is the total cost of the eContent it contains. Some eContents are free, while some have cost associated with it. Cost of the eBasta changes accordingly. You pay this cost at the time of downloading an ebasta.
  • When you purchase a eBasta, you get a copy of eBasta along with its contents (only the items you have purchased). If the eBasta is free, on successful Order Completion, you get a link to download the eBasta. If the eBasta is paid, on successful completion of payment of the order, you get a link to download the eBasta. When you click on the download link, a zip file of the eBasta gets saved on your System/Device. Unzip this file, and copy full to the device of your choice. Do not change the file or directory names.
  • Once you have purchased the eBasta, the respective eBasta ‘zip’ file is available in the Order History Page. You can download it multiple times from there.

Advantages of using eBasta

School / Teachers

  • The eBooks and other contents in the eBasta can be logically organised by the school / Teacher while creating the eBasta.
  • Teachers can choose and bundle content according to their teaching methods.
  • Access to variety of resources – text, simulation, animations, audio books, videos, etc – to choose from.
  • Review, Comment, Rate on eContents.
  • Help schools with lesser teaching resources to gain from the resources of better schools.
  • Provide teachers who contribute content / generate more relevant collections nation-wide visibility.


  • Easy access to interactive and dynamic content augmented with text, charts, graphics, videos and auxiliary resource.
  • eBastas are delivered through the internet no packaging no shipping and hence NO WAIT.
  • eBasta’s are portable. Carry eBasta’s in any storage medium without worrying about their weight and start reading them ANY WHERE ANY TIME.


  • Single point interface for reaching out to multiples of schools, across the country
  • Convenience to register, sell and distribute ebooks & related interactive econtents online
  • Overcome the logistical problems of book printing, transport and delivery, especially at remote locations
  • Significantly shortens the cycle of content editing /changes and facilitates faster release of updates
  • Support for DRM from the pioneers in the Industry wherever required
  • Get direct feedback from teachers and students regarding eContents

Source : eBasta website

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