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Olabs for Schools

This topic provides information about Olabs for Schools.

The Online Labs is based on the idea that lab experiments can be taught using the Internet, more efficiently and less expensively. The labs can also be made available to students with no access to physical labs or where equipment is not available owing to being scarce or costly. This helps them compete with students in better equipped schools and bridges the digital divide and geographical distances. The experiments can be accessed anytime and anywhere, overcoming the constraints on time felt when having access to the physical lab for only a short period of time. Access to the Online Labs is free upon registration.


  • Content aligned to NCERT/CBSE and State Board Syllabus.
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology Labs from Class 9 to Class 12. English and Maths lessons for Class 9 and 10.
  • Interactive simulations, animations and lab videos.
  • The concepts and understanding of the experiment.
  • The ability to perform, record and learn experiments - anywhere, anytime, and individualised practice in all areas of experimentation.
  • The 'learning-enabled assessment' through Online Labs facilitates in the assessment of; the procedural and manipulative skills of the experiment, the concepts and understanding of the experiment and a student's reporting and interpreting skills

How does the Online Lab work?

The development of online labs includes the study and use of mathematical techniques to demonstrate the various complex functions in diverse areas of science. This makes use of complex user-interactive simulations and detailed mathematical animations. Online labs combine technology resources, automation, along with tried and true training concepts. They are richly featured platforms and are meant to provide a compelling and personalized experience for learners, one that goes beyond just looking at content or interacting with simulations. They enable hands-on training whenever and wherever it’s needed.

How to start learning using Olabs?

  • Register in Olabs. Registrations for a batch of students in a class or multiple classes can be done by downloading the excel sheet, filling the required information in the given format and attaching it to an email that has to be sent to support@olabs.co.in.
  • Login to the account in Olabs
  • A student can start with the Theory that gives an introduction to the experiment.
  • The Procedure gives detailed step by step instructions on how to perform the experiment in a traditional lab and also using the simulator.
  • The Animations help a student gain understanding of how to perform the experiment with hints, tool tips and so on, that show measurements, working of the equipment and other relevant information.
  • The Video tab shows the video of the experiment as done in a traditional lab.
  • The Simulation can be used to perform the experiment interactively. The experiment can be performed by clicking on the Simulation tab and following the step-by-step instructions as given in the ‘Procedure’ tab.
  • A self-evaluation can be done through the Viva Voce module. This tracks what a student knows and has learned about a topic. It can be used before, during, and after performing the experiment. The data obtained from this module is logged for later analysis.
  • The Resources tab provides information of the list of books, videos and links to sites that support the particular experiment content published on the OLabs website. Provided also is information to additional reading materials.

Accessing Olabs

To know the systems requirement to access Online labs,click here. Online Labs simulations can be used on tablet / iPad / Android devices.

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