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Post-Matric Scholarship for Students belonging to Scheduled Castes (SC)

This topic covers the Information related to Post-Matric Scholarship for Students belonging to Scheduled Castes for Studies in India


The objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to the Scheduled Caste students studying at post matriculation or post-secondary stage to enable them to complete their education.

Coverage and Value of Scholarship

The value of scholarship includes the following for complete duration of the course:
  • Maintenance allowance
  • Reimbursement of compulsory non-refundable fees
  • Study tour charges
  • Thesis typing/printing charges for Research Scholars
  • Book allowance for students pursuing correspondence courses
  • Book bank facility for specified courses and
  • Additional allowance for students with disabilities, for the complete duration of the course.
The details are as follows:

Maintenance allowance

Group Courses Allowance (in Rupees per month)
Hostellers Day Scholars
Group I i. Degree and Post Graduate level courses including M. Phil., Ph.D. and Post Doctoral research in Medicine (Allopathic, Indian and other recognized systems of medicines), Engineering, Technology, Planning, Architecture, Design, Fashion Technology, Agriculture, Veterinary & Allied Sciences, Management, Business Finance /Administration, Computer Science/Applications.
ii. Commercial Pilot License (including helicopter pilot and multiengine rating) course.
iii. Post Graduate Diploma courses in various branches of management & medicine.
iv. C.A/I.C.W.A./C.S./I.C.F.A. etc.
v. M.Phil., Ph.D. and Post Doctoral Programmes (D. Litt., D.Sc. etc.):
a. In existing Group II courses
b. In existing Group III courses
vi. L.L.M.
1200 550
Group II i. Graduate/ Post Graduate courses leading to Degree, Diploma, Certificate in areas like Pharmacy (B Pharma), Nursing (B Nursing), LLB, BFS, other para-medical branches like rehabilitation, diagnostics etc.,
Mass Communication, Hotel Management & Catering,Travel/Tourism/
Hospitality Management, Interior Decoration, Nutrition & Dietetics,
Commercial Art, Financial Services (e.g. Banking, Insurance, Taxation etc.) for which entrance qualification is minimum Sr. Secondary (10+2).
ii. Post Graduate courses not covered under Group-I
e.g. M.A./M.Sc./M.Com./M. Ed./M. Pharma etc.
820 530
Group III All other courses leading to a graduate degree not covered under Group I & II e.g. BA/B Sc/B Com etc. 570 300
Group IV All post-matriculation level non-degree courses for which entrance qualification is High School (Class X), e.g. senior secondary certificate (class XI and XII); both general and vocational stream, ITI courses, 3 year diploma courses in Polytechnics, etc. 380 230

Additional Allowances for SC students with disabilities

  • Reader Allowance for blind Scholars.
Level of Course Reader Allowance (Rs. Per month)
Group I, II 240
Group III 200
Group IV 160
  • Provision of transport allowance upto Rs.160/- per month for disabled students, if such students do not reside in the hostel, which is within the premises of educational institution. The disability as per the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995 is defined as blindness, low-vision, leprosy-cured, hearing impairment, locomotor disability, mental retardation and mental illness.
  • Escort Allowance of Rs.160/- per month for severally handicapped day scholar students with low extremity disability.
  • Special Pay of Rs.160/- per month is admissible to any employee of the hostel willing to extend help to a severely orthopedically handicapped student residing in hostel of an educational institution, who may need the assistance of a helper.
  • Allowance of Rs.240/- per month towards extra coaching to mentally retarded and mentally ill students.

The provisions in (B) to (D) will also apply to such leprosy-cured students.

  • Note 1: The disabled students belonging to Scheduled Castes covered under the Scheme can also get such additional benefits from other Schemes, which are not covered under the scheme.
  • Note 2: The disability as defined under the said Act has to be certified by competent medical authority of the State Govt./UT Administration.


Scholars will be paid enrolment/registration, tuition, games, Union, Library, Magazine, Medical Examination and such other fees compulsorily payable by the scholar to the institution or University/Board. Refundable deposits like caution money, security deposit will, however, be excluded.

  • Note: Compulsory non-refundable fee charged by recognised institutions against free and paid seats of recognised courses can be fully reimbursed as per the fee structure approved by the competent State/Central Government authority. However, while sanctioning scholarship against paid seats, State Governments should make the income verification compulsory.

Study Tours

  • Study tour charges upto a maximum of Rs.1600 per annum, limited to the actual expenditure incurred by the student on transportation charges etc. will be paid to the scholars studying professional and technical courses, provided that the head of the institution certifies that the study tour is essential for the scholar for completion of his/her course of study.

Thesis Typing/Printing Charges

  • Thesis typing/printing charges upto a maximum of Rs.1600 will be paid to research scholars on the recommendation of the Head of the Institution.

Book Allowance for Students pursuing Correspondence /Distance Education Courses

  • The students pursuing such courses are also eligible for an annual allowance of Rs.1200/- for essential/prescribed books, besides reimbursement of course fees.

Duration and Course of Studies

The award once made will be tenable from the stage at which it is given to the completion of course subject to good conduct and regularity in attendance. It will be renewed from year to year provided that within a course which is continuous for a number of years, the scholar secures promotion to the next higher class irrespective of the fact whether such examinations are conducted by a University or the Institution.

Mode of Selection

  • Scholarships will be paid to the students whose parents/guardians’ income from all sources does not exceed Rs. 2,50,000/ - (Rupees two lakh fifty thousand only) per annum.


  1. The scholarships are open to nationals of India.
  2. These scholarships will be given for the study of all recognized post - matriculation or post - secondary courses pursued in recognized institutions with the following exceptions: “Scholarships are not awarded for training courses like Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s Courses and Private Pilot license Courses. Courses at Training – Ship Dufferin (Now Rajendra), courses of training at the Military College, Dehradun, courses at Pre - examination Training Centres of all India and State levels.”
  3. Only those candidates who belong to Scheduled Castes so specified in relation to the State/Union Territory to which the applicant actually belongs i.e. permanently settled and who have passed the Matriculation or Higher Secondary or any higher examination of a recognised University or Board of Secondary Education, will be eligible.
  4. Candidates who after passing one stage of education are studying in the same stage of education in different subject e.g. I.Sc. after I.A. or B.Com. after B.A. or M.A. in other subject will not be eligible.
  5. Students who, after having completed their educational career in one professional line, e.g. L.L.B. after B.T./B.Ed. will not be eligible. From the academic year 1980 - 81, studies in two professional courses are allowed.
  6. Students studying in Class XI of the Higher Secondary School courses of the XII Class of the Multipurpose High School will not be eligible for it being a continuous school course. However, in cases where Xth class examination of such courses is treated as equivalent to Matriculation and students who after passing X th class join other courses, such students will be treated as post-matric students and will be eligible for the award of scholarships
  7. Students pursuing Post Graduate courses in medicine will be eligible if they are not allowed to practice during the period of their course.
  8. Students who after failing or passing the under graduate/post-graduate examinations in Arts/Science/Commerce join any recognised professional or Technical certificate/ diploma/degree courses will be awarded scholarships if otherwise eligible. No subsequent failure will be condoned except courses in Group ‘I’.
  9. Students who pursue their studies through correspondence courses are also eligible. The term correspondence includes distant and continuing education.
  10. Employed students whose income combined with the income of their parents/guardians does not exceed the maximum prescribed income ceiling are made eligible to post-matric scholarships to the extent of reimbursement of all compulsorily payable non - refundable fees.
  11. All children of the same parents/guardians will be entitled to receive benefits of the scheme.
  12. A scholarship holder under this scheme will not hold any other scholarship/stipend.

Renewal of scholarship

The scholarship, once awarded, may be renewed during next academic year also by the concerned State Government/Union Territory Administration unless the competent authority of the school recommends to the State Government/Union Territory Administration, to discontinue the award with reference to relevant clause of these regulations governing the scheme.

Announcement of the Scheme

The scheme will be announced by the concerned State Government/Union Territory Administration well in time, by giving advertisements in the leading language newspapers local dailies and by using other suitable publicity media.

Application Procedure

An application for scholarship should comprise:

  • One copy of the application for scholarship in the prescribed form (separate application forms as have been prescribed for ‘fresh’ and renewal scholarship by concerned States/UTs).
  • One copy of the passport size photograph with signatures of the student thereon (for fresh scholarship).
  • One attested copy of certificates, diploma, degree etc. in respect of all examinations passed.
  • A certificate (in original) of Caste duly signed by an authorized Rev enue Officer not below the rank of Tehsildar.
  • An income declaration by the self - employed parents/guardians, stating definite income from all sources by way of an affidavit on non - judicial stamp paper. Employed parents/guardians are required to obtain income certificate from their employer and for any additional income from other sources, they would furnish declaration by way of an affidavit on non - judicial stamp paper.

A receipt in acknowledgement of the scholarship in the previous year on the form attached to the application only duly counter - signed by the Head of the Institution concerned, if the applicant was in receipt of a scholarship under this scheme in the preceding year.

Application complete in all respects shall be submitted to the Head of the Institution, being attended or last attended by the candidates and shall be addressed to an officer specified for this purpose by the Government of State/Union Territory to which the student belongs, in accordance with the instructions is sued by them from time to time.

Source: For complete information on Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for Scheduled Castes (SC) Students for Studies in India, Click here

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