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Training and Knowledge-Sharing Resources

This topic provides information regarding e-resources available related to training and knowledge sharing in education.

Resourceful organisations / websites/ initiatives

National Council for Teacher Education (India): Provides online manuals for teacher- training, forms and links to teacher-training resources.

Vidya Online: Provides teachers, researchers, academics and concerned individuals an online forum to enable discussion and examination of issues in basic education as well as access to learning resources and materials.

Ideas on Teaching and Learning (UNICEF): Provides access to a series of resources for teachers including current articles, opinions, research about teaching and learning and games, activities and other teaching resources. The site is divided into three main areas: the learner; the teacher; the child friendly environment.

Take Action (UNICEF): Provides interactive quizzes and tools as well as some online projects for teachers to use with students.

United Nations Cyber School Bus: The online component of the Global Teaching and Learning Project provides high quality teaching materials and activities designed for educational use and for training teachers.

Effective Schools and Teachers (World Bank): Provides access to information about the program, articles and case studies on effective schools throughout the world and a knowledge resource base for practitioners, task managers, program designers and decision makers about ways of creating effective schools. It includes articles, bibliographies, case studies, links and presentations.

India Development Gateway: The country-specific site of the World Bank’s global Development Gateway website. Provides resources on various developmental issues through online discussions, reports and publications.

Teachers Forum: Provides an online forum for teachers to exchange ideas. Also features interviews with teachers, most of whom work in government-run schools in developing countries.

Livelihoods MANTHAN Online Knowledge Repository : Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB) has launched an online repository Livelihoods MANTHAN Online Knowledge Repository to host knowledge resources on the theme of livelihoods promotion. The primary objective is to provide a free and open database to access resources in the public domain. The repository hosts links to publicly available resources, categorized by region, theme and purpose. Visitors can also submit resources through a document submission template which will be moderated and then made available on the website.

Related Resources

  1. www.ncte-in.org
  2. www.vidyaonline.net
  3. www.unicef.org
  4. www.un.org
  5. www.worldbank.org
  6. www.developmentgateway.org

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Rajiv Dec 12, 2016 06:34 AM


Could you please suggest reliable website from where I can download free ebooks or pdf based on Engineering & Science related to Indian Universities syllabuses?

Thanking you.


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