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Teachers corner

This section covers a range of topics that would interest a teacher!

Teaching and Learning
Some theories like Constructivist Theory, Experiential learning, Cognitive learning and other teaching and learning strategies are listed out here.
Teachers, Teaching and ICTs
The role of the teacher in teaching and learning process and the impact of ICTs in this process is described here.
Learning outcomes
This section provides information related to the learning outcomes at the elementary stage.
Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domains
Bloom's Taxonomy, a classification of learning objectives within education, is described here.
Technological tools in teaching
Various technologies that need to be integrated into the teaching environment are listed here.
This section provides information related to awards for teachers.
Guidelines for conducting Teacher Eligibility Test
Eligibility for TET, guidelines, structure and content and other related information covered here
Addressing specific problems of children
This section provides information for teachers to enable them address specific problems of children.
Atal Tinkering Laboratories
This topic provides information about Atal Tinkering Laboratories of NITI Aayog.
Teacher's Day
This topic provides information about Teacher's Day.
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