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Green Energy at Railways-Secunderabad

This content provides information about the Green Energy at Railways - Secunderabad .

The Challenge

Secunderabad, the twin suburb of Hyderabad is a bustling railway station at all times. There was an ever-growing demand for energy. It was time to meet additional energy needs through clean and green sources.

The solution

The South Central Railway, Secunderabad Division, Electrical Maintenance General Services Department decided to add some solar power to its repertoire.


For Environment Conservation, it was decided to put up a grid solar plant. The authorities commissioned a 525 kWp On Grid solar power plant at Secunderabad, and Bellampalli stations, as well as at Sanchalan Bhavan, Secunderabad. Thirty solar pumps of varying capacity were provided over Secunderabad Division for water supply to stations, workshops and railway colonies.

For energy conservation, many different initiatives were undertaken. A total of 47 stations were made 100% LED compatible to maintain uniform and enhanced Lux levels over conventional fittings. Seventy-three energy savers were provided for welding transformers at workshops at the stations. Automation of pumpgreen energys was integrated through GPRS over Secunderabad Division to maintain required water levels in the overhead tanks as well as to avoid overflowing of water, thus reducing power consumption.

Other initiatives like timers for high masts, water coolers, pumps, optimised compressor pressure settings, temperature settings of AC units and voltage settings of power transformers were also undertaken.


As a result of these initiatives, from May, 2015 to December, 2016. a total of 6.60 lakh kWh solar power was generated and savings achieved to the tune of INR 53.46 lakhs. Carbon footprint was also reduced by 528 tonnes. Total energy savings due to solar pumping was to the tune of 2.89 lakh kW, saving an amount of INR 23.46 Lakhs. Carbon footprint also got reduced by 231 tonnes. The LED lighting connected load reduced by 145.28 kW, and energy savings to the extent of 5.30 Lakh kWh was achieved, saving a net amount of INR 42.95 Lakhs.

Energy savers for Welding Transformers resulted in a reduction by 268 kW, and 5.14 lakh kWH energy saving was achieved, saving a sum of INR 41.67 Lakhs.The precision AC unit in the Passenger Reservation System building at Secunderabad reduced energy to the extent of 1.08 lakh kWh and saved INR 8.74 Lakhs. The pump automation reduced energy consumption to the extent of 0.96 Lakh kWh and savings in terms of INR 7.83 lakhs.

Secunderabad has indeed shown us a way of how minor adjustments with new technology can help the environment, make energy efficient and save lakhs of rupees.

  • Energy savings due to Green energy (solar) = 9.49 Lakh kWh
  • Reduction of carbon footprints = 759 Tonnes
  • Savings of INR 76.92 Lakhs
  • Energy savings due to LED lighting & other conservation measures = 12.48 Lakh kWh
  • Reduction of carbon footprints = 657 Tonnes
  • Savings of INR 101.88 Lakhs
  • Total Energy savings to the extent of 21.97 kWh units
  • Reduction of carbon footprints by 1416 Tonnes
  • Savings of INR 177.95 Lakhs

Source : New Beginning - Collection of Innovations

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