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Energy Basics

The basics of energy such as sources of energy, forms of energy, units of power and energy and present use of energy is explained.

Sources of Energy
Energy is derived from various sources. The various renewable and non-renewable energy sources, its uses, advantages and disadvantages are briefed here.
Forms of Energy
Various forms of energy such as light, heat, sound, electrical, nuclear, chemical, etc are briefly explained.
Common Units of energy
The common units of energy and power that we use in daily life are listed.
Energy and its present use
Energy use in India with respect to the sources of energy, usage pattern, rural-urban divide in energy consumption are highlighted.
Nuclear Fission
This topic explains the process of Nuclear Fission.
Ethanol as Fuel
This topic covers about use of ethanol as a fuel.
Hydrogen Energy
This topic provides information related to the basics of hydrogen as a fuel and its applications.
Methanol economy in India
This topic provides information about methanol economy in India.
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