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Methanol economy in India

This topic provides information about methanol economy in India.

India needs around 2900 cr litres of petrol and 9000 cr litres of diesel per year currently, the 6th highest consumer in the world and will double consumption and become 3rd largest consumer by 2030. Our import bill on account of crude stands at almost 6 lac crores.

Hydrocarbon Fuels have also adversely affected the environment with Green House Gas Emissions (GHG). India is the third highest energy related carbon dioxide emitter country in the world. Almost 30% pollution in cities like Delhi is from automobiles and the growing number of automobiles on the road will further worsen the pollution. The recent situation is alarming and time has come for the Govt to present a comprehensive road map to reduce the urban pollution in this country and stop pollution related deaths completely.

Hon'ble Prime Minister has set a goal for our Country to reduce the import bill by 10% by the year 2022. Crude oil imports drain our foreign exchange, putting enormous pressure on our currency & thereby weakening our bargaining power with the rest of the world.

Why Methanol?

Methanol is a clean burning drop in fuel which can replace both petrol & diesel in transportation & LPG, Wood, Kerosene in cooking fuel. It can also replace diesel in Railways, Marine Sector, Gensets, Power Generation and Methanol based reformers could be the ideal compliment to Hybrid and Electric Mobility. Methanol Economy is the 'Bridge' to the dream of a complete "Hydrogen based fuel systems".

Methanol burns efficiently in all internal combustion engines, produces no particulate matter, no soot, almost nil SOX and NOX emissions (Near Zero Pollution). The gaseous version of Methanol - DME can blend with LPG and can be excellent substitute for diesel in Large buses and trucks.

METHNAOL 15 (M15) in petrol will reduce pollution by 33% and diesel replacement by methanol will reduce by more than 80 %.

Methanol can be produced from Natural Gas, Indian High Ash Coal, Bio-mass, MSW, stranded and flared gases and India can achieve (through right technology adaptation} to produce Methanol @ Rs.19 a litre from Indian coal and all other feedstock. The best part world is already moving towards renewable methanol from C02 and the perpetual recycling of C02 into Methanol, say C02 emitted from Steel plants, Geothermal energy or any other source of C02, effectively "Air to Methanol".

During the last few years, the use of methanol and DME as fuel has increased significantly. Methanol demand is growing at a robust 6 to 8 % annually. World has installed capacity of 120 MT of Methanol and will be about 200 MT by 2025.

Currently Methanol accounts for almost 9% of transport fuel in China. They have converted millions of vehicles running on Methanol. China alone produces 65% of world Methanol and it uses its coal to produce Methanol. Israel, Italy have adopted the Methanol 15% blending program with Petrol and fast moving towards M85 & M100. Japan, Korea have extensive Methanol & DME usage and Australia has adopted GEM fuels (Gasoline, Ethanol & Methanol) and blends almost 56% Methanol. Methanol has become the choice of fuel in Marine Sector worldwide and countries like Sweden are at the forefront of usage. Large passenger ships carrying more than 1500 people are already running on 100% Methanol. African and many Caribbean countries have adopted Methanol cooking fuel and across the