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Useful calculators

The topic covers about various useful calculators related to energy, water and other resources consumption.

Calculate your electricity consumption

  1. Electricity consumption calculator - An electricity consumption calculator which helps you calculate your electricity consumption and suggest potential saving tips.
  2. Simple calculator to calculate the electricity consumed at home
  3. Energy saving calculator - helps discover approximately how much energy your different appliances are consuming. Also provides information about various energy efficient options (including star rated appliances) available in the market with respect to various appliances you are using, with corresponding savings you can observe and payback period. Some energy conservation tips have also been provided to help you save energy.
  4. Carbon Footprint calculator - This calculator lets you  calculate your carbon footprint. It can be used both as a calculator for individuals and households
  5. Online electricity bill calculator for all states of India - This tool helps understand various components of your electricity bill, electricity consumption and savings that you can make.

Energy efficient appliances

  1. Compare BEE Approved Star Labelled products for electricity savings - Helps you to compare various BEE approved Star labelled products.

Carbon footprint calculator

  1. My carbon footprint calculator - Helps you to measure, analyse and monitor your carbon footprints.

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