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Smokeless chulhas

Various models of smokeless chulhas are described here.

Grihalakshmi chulha

Grihalakshmi Chulha is round shaped, pottery lined single pot cooking stove. It is a smokeless, energy efficient (26 to 28%) stove without chimney and damper. Its basic components are two grates and an ash pit.


This stove is fabricated using steel or plaster-of-paris moulds. The weight of fired stove is 5 to 6 kg. which is easy to handle and transport. The upper grate helps the flame to spread evenly covering the base of the cooking pot. The lower grate along with the tunnel-like ash pit is designed to create draught which assists efficient burning of cooking fuel and reduces smoke. Ash can be periodically removed from the pit.

Source: CASTFORD, 128/2 J.P. Naik Path, Karve Road, Kothrud, Pune - 441 029 Maharashtra

Pawan II chulha

The chulha is suitable for cooking food for a family of 3 to 5 persons. The chulha is suitable for burning wood (3 to 5 cm dia and 15 to 40 cm long), dung cakes and crop residues (including: wheat stalk, cotton-stalk, corn cobs, etc.)


i)   Soft lateritic mud or sandy clay without any pebbles or stones,
ii)  Pottery lining and tunnel made of clay,
iii) Chimney pipe (7.5 cm inside dial made of asbestos cement pipe).


  • Take 4 buckets of mud (15 Litres capacity) and mix it with 1 bucket (15 litres capacity) of wheat or paddy straw and add water. Knead the mixture to stiff consistency. Allow the mixture, to stay overnight for construction of chulha platform.
  • Locate the position of chimney pipe hole in the roof where the chulha is intended to be installed. From the centre point of the proposed hole in the roof find the location of chimney pipe hole at the bottom of the kitchen by using a plumb line.
  • Draw the outer dimensions of the platform (44 x 50 cm) by appropriately locating the chimney pipe.
  • Mark the position of the pot hole using a chalk or marker. Locate the pottery liner, tunnels and chimney pipe on the marked platform.
  • Add clay mixture/prepared-mud to fix the respective position of the liner and tunnels.
  • Carve out ash-removal, opening and soot-removal opening. Fix pottery or mild steel fabricated grate in the first pot hole at bottom.
  • The tunnels are made of asbestos cement pipe or pottery. Make a hole (12 cm dial in the roofing and take out the chimney pipe.
  • Allow the chulha to completely dry (3 to 5 days) before use.

Source : Centre For Rural Development And Technology, I.I.T. Hauz Khas, New Delhi

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is there any bio gas equipment which can use in home.

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It will be more better if you described all these things Along with images.

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Can I get the approximate cost per month for maintenance of smokeless chulhas

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can we have photographs of the smokeless chulhas here.

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