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Solar products for agriculture

The topic covers various solar applications that are of use in agriculture sector.

Three-in-one solar integrated device

This unique integrated solar device can be used as a solar water heater during the winter, a solar cooker during clear days and a solar dryer for fruits or vegetables. It can produce about 50 lt of hot water of 50-60oC utilising the low altitude position of sun during winter and food for a family can be boiled within 2-3 hours, when used as a solar cooker and that too without sun tracking. As a dryer, fruits and vegetables can be dehydrated efficiently with regulation of temperature during the day with water working as a sink regulating temperature and helps continuation of the drying process in the night through the solar heated water.


PV winnower cum dryer cum

Solar PV winnower cum dryer is a convenient device for winnowing threshed agricultural produce, especially during the period of lull in natural winds and also for dehydrating fruits and vegetables with forced circulation of air. The system comprises a PV module, a compatible winnower, a pre-air heating tunnel, a specially designed solar drying cabinet with proper interconnections to use the fan of the winnower for enhanced air circulation while dehydrating the produce. Used as a winnower 35-50 kg of cleaned grains/seeds can be obtained in one hour from this device.

In addition, different fruits and vegetables can be dehydrated in less than half the time as compared to open sun drying. The enhancement in the fan speed with more irradiance regulates the temperature while the pre-air heating in the extended tunnel reduces the thermal gradient inside the drying cabinet. Thus excellent quality of the dried material is achieved with the retention of aroma and colour. The system can be provided with additional features for illumination with incorporation of a battery and charge regulator, thus making it an extremely useful device for processing different agricultural produce and utilizing the generated PV electricity for one or another purpose throughout the year.

PV Winnower

PV generator for orchards

It is primarily a solar PV pump operated drip irrigation system comprising 900W PV array with 800W DC motor pump mono block and OLPC drippers that economise the use of water and eliminate practically all the problems associated with flood irrigation and is suitable for orchards. The system needs to be designed on the basis of water requirement of the plant, energy need and compensation of varying pressure due to change in irradiance ensuring uniform application of the water in the field. It can command 4-5 hectares of pomegranate orchard with cost benefit ratio of more than 2 and may prove to be a boon in farms where water and land are available but the area is devoid of electrical power.

The PV system for irrigation has now been converted to a generator with sub components like DC-DC converter, storage batteries and compatible inverter so that it can be used for running small machines to carry out post harvest operations in addition to its utility as a pump.

PV generator

Solar PV duster

Plant protection is an important component of agriculture. Solar PV duster is a novel device suitable for dusting insecticide and pesticide powder on crops. It essentially comprises a PV panel carrier, a storage battery and a specially designed compatible dusting unit. The PV panel, carried over the head with the help of a carrier, provides shade to the worker and simultaneously charges the battery to run the duster. The same system can run an ultra low volume (ULV) sprayer also. In addition, it can be used to illuminate a light emitting diode (LED). The device can be used for lighting the house throughout the year and for operating the duster/sprayer as and when required.

Solar pv duster

PV mobile unit

The self propelling PV mobile unit is a moveable self propelling power system that can be used to accomplish domestic, agricultural and rural oriented tasks in isolated cluster of houses in rural areas, especially in dhanis (hamlets) of the arid areas. The unit comprises of two 70 W polycrystalline PV modules connected to a charge regulator, a folding system with auto locking arrangement for keeping the PV panels (70 W) at an optimum angle, an inverter and a DC motor operated drive system. The unit can be driven with ease and can be used for operating both AC and DC loads. The system has been successfully tested for operating a churner to extract butter, a blower, a winnower, an aloe vera extractor etc. Such PV mobile units can be used on a custom hire basis in the village.

PV Mobile

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Darshit Vachhani Aug 09, 2018 10:04 PM

Very nice page regarding use of solar energy in agriculture

Sujoy Datta Jun 19, 2018 11:11 PM

Dear Sir,
I want to know more about the Solar PV Duster.
Can you send me more information along with price, and where to buy from ?
My email is sujoy.*******@gmail.com
Best regards,
Sujoy Datta

DDr Susanta Kumar Mukherjee Jun 01, 2018 03:42 PM

These all are to be immediately included under Skill Development course but except Solar Pump, no other are available under Agriculture Skill Council syllabus. Accordingly, all the syllabus are urgently needed to be included under skill development.

ADITYA BARASKAR Apr 27, 2016 04:33 PM

this is very good idea. and farmer can afford it.

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