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This section contains information related to biodiversity in India.

Why Biodiversity
This page covers use and types of biodiversity
Conservation of Biodiversity
This page covers about conservation of biodiversity.
Biodiversity - FAQs
This page explains about biodiversity and the ways it helps humans.
Biodiversity - Legal Acts & Rules
This page contains information related to acts, policies and schemes related to Biodiversity.
Biosphere reserves in India
This topic describes about the various biosphere reserves in India.
Wild life trade
This topic covers information related to wild life trade.
Threatened Wildlife
This page covers our Threatened Wildlife
ECO Zones of India
This page covers about the ECO Zones of India, causes of ecological distructions and Biogiographic Zones
The Coastal Ecosystem
This page explains about the coastal ecosystem
The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve
This page contains about the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve
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