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Environmental Friendly Transport

This topic provides information about Green Good Deeds for Environmental Friendly Transport.


When you commute to your school, college or workplace, or move out for shopping and recreation, transport is required. T he grocery and utility goods that we buy also reach us through a chain of ground and air transportation. This requires energy, which is more often non-renewable and of fossil fuel origin, such as petrol, diesel or coal. Greater reliance is now being placed on electricity-run vehicles and trains, but the generation of electricity by thermal power plants or nuclear installation is associated with environmental costs and pollution.

In India, traditionally much reliance was placed on bicycles, rickshaws and animal-driven carts that did not require energy. In modern society, use of vehicles, trains and aircraft can be cut down, and pollution reduced by ingenious town planning, efficient public transport and even walking and cycling for short distances.


  • Modern vehicles do not require "warming up" even in winter, so there is no need to turn the engine on until you are ready to drive.
  • Adopt 'one family one car' policy
  • Use information technology like GPS navigation for avoiding traffic congestion.
  • Do not keep the engine running while the car is in the parking lot or waiting on red light.
  • Take public transport to work or cycle / walk rather than use car, Share car with colleagues. Adopt car-pooling with neighbours and colleagues.
  • Use public transport to reduce traffic congestion and to save on fuel consumption.
  • Try using School Bus instead of using personal cars to ferry children to school.
  • Drive smoothly – go easy on the accelerator and brakes.
  • Plan to make most of your trips. Have a "trip chain" of nearby locations.
  • Prefer cleaner fuel s such as biodiesel, CNG or electric vehicles over Petrol or Diesel.
  • Never use low quality fuel in vehicles.
  • Ensure that air pressure in vehicle tyres is as per the specifications.
  • Do not forget to replace your old battery with a new battery when required.
  • Consider telecommuting if you live far from your work, or you need to visit many places in connection with your work.
  • While commuting take longer route, and avoid shorter and congested route.
  • Leave early for destination to avoid speeding and optimal use of fuel.
  • Take feeder service from the Bus Terminals or Metro stations saving on fuel and parking fee for personal vehicle.

Source : Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

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use public transport save energy and wealth

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