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Energy conservation

This topic provides information about Green Good Deeds for energy conservation.

India’s culture abounds with environment-friendly and low-resource use practices. Traditionally Indians follow frugal lifestyles which are in harmony with nature and the local conditions. These practices need to be encouraged for minimising the adverse impact on the environment.

The good green deeds are simple, practical steps that every person may perform in day-to-day life that can make a visible difference to the environment. We can practise the actions listed at the individual level, community level, and corporate level, for the overall protection of the environment. The content given below is neither prescriptive nor directive. It attempts to make people at ground level, aware of the environmental issues in a simplified manner.

Save Energy, Save Environment

We all need energy –for cooking, comfort, transport, farming, and industry. This energy should preferable come form renewable sources such as sun and wind and not from exploitation from non-renewable resources such coal and petroleum. All energy utilities, including nuclear plants, impose some environmental costs since electricity is perennially in short supply. Green house gases from burning fossil fuel also contribute to global warming and climate change. Thus, there is an urgent need to conserve energy through judicious use and adoption of energy-efficient technologies. Saving energy also results in saving money be it whether at home or in office or industry.

Our ancestors lived a simple life and were conscious about avoiding any wasteful use of energy. They cooked each meal, hygienically and used solar heat for drying clothes. By properly designing houses using natural ventilation and appropriate clothing protecting them under extreme weather condition. Adoption of their basic philosophy and respect for all energy sources in modern life, which increasingly depends on artificial lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration and other electric conveniences can help in saving energy and making it equitably available for all humans, at present or in future. This philosophy can come handy for today's society which has a growing appetite for energy for heating clothing or other purposes.


  • Use electricity wisely.
  • Switch off all electrical and electronic appliances such as fans, lights, air conditioners at plug point when not in use home, office, school, college or club.
  • Use energy-efficient products.
  • Replace domestic electrical equipment with approved energy efficient models.
  • Buy 5-star label products recommended by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency.
  • Shut down your computer rather than just logging off during intervals at work.
  • Install energy efficient fans in homes, in offices and public places.
  • Install a solar inverter/power home through solar energy.
  • Use solar cookers.
  • Install Rooftop Solar panels on residential, industrial, commercial, institutional, and government buildings.
  • Use solar equipment for domestic use, including lighting.
  • Use traditional earthen pots for cold water during summer.
  • Use LED lighting system instead of tube lights and bulbs.
  • Wash clothes in water at room temperature whenever possible.
  • Spread the concept of ‘Energy Soldiers’ in the schools. The soldiers are to monitor avoidable waste of energy and at the same time educate others about saving energy.
  • Use traditional knowledge of architectural design for building construction.
  • Apply Green Building practices in new constructions.
  • Inform colleagues about energy conservation practices and spread awareness.
  • Whenever available use green power generated by the wind, the sun etc.
  • Reduce your battery consumption by using an AC adapter whenever an outlet is available.
  • Clean the condenser coils of your refrigerator at least once a year.
  • When going away from home, for a long duration, set the refrigerator regulator to a minimum.
  • Collect items near the refrigerator and put them in side in one go, rather than opening the door repeatedly.
  • While using a radiator room heater use a reflector sheet behind to keep the heat from being absorbed by the wall.
  • Let fresh air in from open windows to reduce the use of air conditioner.
  • Spread “No to AC” campaign in schools and colleges.
  • Promote the use of natural light for day-to-day tasks.
  • Watch TV with family rather than watching alone in different rooms.
  • Spend evenings with family members in parks, gardens or open area s for good health, close bonding and saving energy.
  • Service your car, electrical appliances / equipment on time to save energy and money.
  • Reduce temperature setting of the geyser.
  • Understand difference between consuming energy and wasting energy.
  • Inspect and repair gasket of refrigerators, air conditioners, and pressure cookers – this will avoid loss of energy. Energy saved is energy generated.
  • Spread awareness about how valuable electrical energy is and encourage all users to be prudent in conserving electrical energy.
  • Dry your clothes in the sun instead of using a machine dryer. Using solar energy to dry clothes is an efficient, economical and eco-friendly process.

Source : Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

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