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Save water bodies

This topic provides information about Green Good Deeds to save water bodies.


Water is a finite resource and the supplies on Earth today are no more than what was there at the beginning of the planet. We should manage and utilise our water resources wisely simply by making small changes and making water conservation a part of our daily routine. Saving water translate into saving energy and money.

Increasing population, rising standards of living and rapid growth of industry and urbanisation are stressing water resources particularly our rivers that are getting polluted. Rivers are our lifelines, and integral part of our civilisation . Many Indian rivers, including Ganga over several stretches have become unfit even for bathing during lean season. River catchments and banks should have plantation and should have a minimum flow even during lean season. Practice of dumping of wastes in the river has to cease for the health of the river.


  • Do Not Litter near a water body such as a lake, river or sea.
  • Plant trees in catchment areas of rivers and also on banks.
  • Trees not only check soil erosion but also retain soil moisture and feed rivers to keep them flowing.
  • Do not block/ stop natural drains by constructing on drains or dumping wastes.
  • Plant flora at Lakes or Rivers. If you live in an area where a lake or river is present, you might want to think about planting some local plants near the water. Trees are also helpful. Not only do they look beautiful when they grow, but they also help in protecting the water body from pollutants. Vegetation also limits the carbon dioxide in the water, which balances out its pH level.
  • Stop Chemical Pollution. If you notice someone throwing chemicals into the river or lake, or hear about such an incident inform your local authorities about the matter. Give them a feed back insisting on a speedy action. Your silence may aggravate the situation.
  • Industrial waste must be treated before discharge into the river.
  • Industries on the banks of the rivers should be persuaded to reduce/ reuse/ recycle of treat wastewater.
  • Following religious ceremonies on the river bank prevent left over from sliding into the rivers.
  • Convert the river banks into pleasant and clean areas for recreation and walks. Planting appropriate shrubs and trees on the river banks would enhance the environment.

Source : Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

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