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Animal Welfare

This page covers about tips to Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare!! Our Indian heritage has given us Ahimsa or non violence as a way of life. Our tradition tells us to respect every existing form of life and thereby gives us a tremendous responsibility of looking after the plants and animals that surround us.

A few tips on how you can care for animals

  • Be kind to animals. Do not throw stones or beat them.
  • Stop friends from being cruel to animals. Do not allow children to tie a thread to the tails of animals.
  • If you have pets, feed them well and give them a proper and in an emergency proper medical care.
  • When you visit the zoo, learn about the animals that are found there but do not tease or hurt them through the bars of their cage.
  • Do not visit or encourage the circus. Wild animals should live in the forest. Besides, a lot of cruelty is involved in the training of animals to perform tricks.
  • Avoid use of articles like leather hand bags and lipsticks which are made from animal products.
  • Avoid non-vegetarian food.
  • Do not disturb or destroy the natural of any animal.
  • If you see an injured animal lying on the road immediately contact the local SPCA or any other animal welfare organisation.

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Source : CPR Environmental Education Centre, Chennai

Narad Nov 19, 2017 11:28 AM

The Animal Welfare department comes under MOEFCC and under the idea of Animal rights and welfare rather than biodiversity. As the PCA is not about conserving biodiversity but about causing unnecessary pain to animals.

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