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Health Hazards of Common Household Cleaners

This topic covers the information related to Potential Health Hazards of Common House hold Cleaners

Product Type Possible Hazardous Ingredients Potential Health Hazards
Air freshners Formaldehyde Toxic; carcinogen
Bleach Sodium hypochlorite Corrosive, causes burns; mixing with ammonia creates a deadly gas
Disinfectants Phenols Very toxic; flammable; respiratory,circulatory, or cardiac damage
Drain cleaners/ oven cleaner Sodium or potassium hypochlorite Corrosive; causes severe burns and tissue damage if swallowed
Floor cleaners / Wax furniture polish Diethylene glycol
petroleum distillates
Toxic; central nervous system depression, kidney and liver damage.
highly flammable; some are carcinogens
spot removers
Ammonia hydroxide
suspected carcinogen corrosive; irritates skin, eyes, respiratory tract
Toilet bowl cleaner Hydrochloric acid Corrosive; Ingestion may be fatal
Window cleaners Ammonia Toxic vapor imitating to lungs, eyes, and skin

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Source: National Environmental Engineering Research Institute

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