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Acts pertaining to forests

This topic contains the information about the acts related to forests.

Acts pertaining to forests

The Indian Forest Act, 1927

The Indian Forest Act, 1927- was enacted to ‘consolidate the law related to forest, the transit of forest produce, and the duty liable on timber and other forest produce’. The preamble to the Indian Forest Act, 1927 (16 of 1927) states that the Act seeks to consolidate the law relating to forests, the transit of forest produce and the duty that can be levied on timber and other forest produce.

The Wildlife Protection Act, Rules 1973 and Amendment 1991

The Wildlife Protection Act, Rules 1973 and Amendment 1991 provides for the protection of birds and animals and for all matters that are connected to it whether it be their habitat or the waterhole or the forests that sustain them. The Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, provided for the protection of the wild animals, birds and plants. The Act was substantially amended in 2002. A major objective of this amendment was to update the law to deal with sharply escalating levels of organized poaching. The Ministry of Environment and Forest formally notified this Amendment Act on 1st April, 2003. (Handbook of Wildlife Protection Society of India, 2006).

The Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Act, 2006

The Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Act, 2006 has come into force on 4th September 2006. The Act provides for creating the National Tiger Conservation Authority and the Tiger and Other Endangered Species Crime Control Bureau (Wildlife Crime Control Bureau).

for more information on Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Act, 2006

The Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980

The Forest (Conservation) Act was enacted for providing a higher level of protection to the forests and to regulate diversion of forest lands for non forestry purposes. FC ACT, 1980 – Prior approval of the Central Government is essential for DE-reservation of forest lands and / or diversion of forest lands for non-forestry purposes.

Source : FC Act, 1980

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