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Nagar Vana Udyan Yojana

This topic provides information about Nagar Vana Udyan Yojana.

A Nagar Van-Udyan is a forested area in the vicinity of a city accessible to the city dwellers suitably managed for providing wholesome natural environment for recreation, conservation education, biodiversity conservation and supported services like water and soil conservation, pollution abatement, reduction of heat islands effect of the city with the essential elements for regular use. Nagar Van-Udyan Yojana is a Pilot scheme for implementation for a period of five Years (beginning 2015-16) by the the Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change.


To create/ develop at least one CITY FOREST in each City having Municipal Corporation/ Class I Cities for providing wholesome healthy living environment, and contributing to growth of Smart, Clean, Green, Sustainable and Healthy Cities.


  • To create 200 City Forests in the Country. A City Forest will be developed in each City with Municipal Council.
  • To create awareness on plants and biodiversity.
  • Conservation education on important flora and fauna of the region including threat perception.
  • Ecological rejuvenation of the cities-Forests the green lungs will contribute to Environmental improvement of cities by pollution mitigation, cleaner air, noise reduction, water harvesting and reduction of heat islands effect.
  • In-situ Biodiversity conservation.
  • Health benefits to citizens.
  • Making cities climate resilient.

Components of City forests

  • Fencing as appropriate.
  • Wooded blocks with emphasis on locally appropriate species.
  • Plants to include shrubs, climbers, medicinal plants, seasonal flowering plants etc. to represent floral biodiversity.
  • Irrigation/ rain water harvesting facility.
  • Open Air Conservation education displays, signages, brochures etc.
  • Public convenience, drinking water facilities, benches etc.
  • Walkways/ footpath, Jogging and cycle track.


The Ministry supports one time development and non-recurring expenditure to the concerned agency of the concerned cities for creation of a City Forest. Cities’ authorities will be encouraged to have a City Forest comprising area upto 100 ha. in forest areas within their jurisdiction for deriving maximum ecological and environmental benefits. The minimum area should not be less than 20 ha.

Budgetary provision

  • The assistance is shared with concerned State in the ratio of 80:20.
  • The Ministry provides one time grant to the concerned State government/ City Local Authority/ land owning agency based on the work requirement subject to the maximum Grant of Rs. 2.00 crores per City Forest.
  • The grant is made in two installments, first of 50% of the sanctioned amount after the approval of the project and remaining in second installment after 3/4th utilization of the first installment. The Concerned State Government/ Project Proponent is mandated to confirm availability of their share of 20% of the cost before submitting their proposal.

Source : Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change

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