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Suryamitra Skill Development Programme

This topic provides information about Suryamitra Skill Development Programme of National Institute of Solar Energy and sponsored by Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Govt. of India.

The National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE), an autonomous institution of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), is the apex National R&D institution in the field of Solar Energy. NISE is organizing “Suryamitra” skill development programmes in collaboration with State Nodal Agencies, at various locations across the country.

The programme aims to develop the skills of youth, considering the opportunities for employment in the growing Solar Energy Power project’s installation, operation & maintenance in India and abroad. The Suryamitra Programme is also designed to prepare the candidates to become new entrepreneurs in Solar Energy sector. The Suryamitra Skill Development Programmes are sponsored by Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Government of India.

Eligibility criteria

The candidates with the following qualifications are eligible.

  1. Essential qualification - The candidate should be 10th pass and ITI in Electrician /Wireman/Electronics Mechanic/Fitter/ Sheet Metal, not below 18 years.
  2. Preferable Qualification : The candidates with Diploma in Electrical, Mechanical and Electronics branches will be preferred. Candidates with electrician certificate and experience shall also be preferred. The Engineering Graduates and persons with other higher qualification are not eligible to apply.
  3. During the selection of trainees, special emphasis to be given to the persons coming from rural background, unemployed youth, women, SC/ST candidates.
  4. Persons with higher qualifications like degree in any discipline or higher are strictly not eligible

Duration and Seats

The duration of this residential skill development program is 600 hrs (approx 90 days). This is the residential program and it is free which includes boarding and lodging. Suryamitra Skill Development Programmes are sponsored by Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Govt. of India.

Seats: Presently, there shall be 30 seats for each batch of training program.

At the end of the course, proper assessment shall be made and certificates shall be issued.


  • The State Nodal Agencies of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and the host institute will advertise about the batches of the program including dates and the venue of the training in the print and/or electronic media.
  • The final selection of the trainees for the program shall be made by host institute and the details of the proposed participants must be communicated to NISE/concerned SNA before the commencement of the program.
  • During the selection of trainees, special emphasis to be given to the trainees coming from rural background, unemployed, women candidates, SC/ST candidates.

Teaching and Practical Work

  1. The main curriculum of teaching would be as per the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) approved Module-5 which is attached with the Guidelines.
  2. The training program is residential with a clear daily time table which would preferable include early morning physical exercise such as Yoga/PT etc.
  3. The first hour of the day may be utilized for class-room lectures.
  4. The practical hours may be utilized for hands on exercise in the lab sites, Experiments, class room exercises, software simulations if any, and to conduct the regular quizzes/class test and industrial visits.
  5. For experiments/field visit, the batch may be divided into multiple groups depending on the availability of facility.
  6. Motivational sessions (1 hr. duration each) shall be conducted once every two weeks.
  7. The host institute shall provide one set of uniform to all the Suryamitra participants. Participants must attend the session in proper uniforms only. A T-shirt (Grey color) with NISE logo and a pant (Yellow Color) for both male/female. The jacket, safety helmets and boots must be provided to all participants, and may be retained by the host institute after the training.
  8. Each participant/group shall be given an access to proper toolkits for working in the lab/site.
  9. Each modules of a session guides the trainer to prepare the materials for that particular session. The trainer is free to opt for any references and, training methodology/slides, provided the objectives in the sessions are covered in full length.
  10. The preferred medium of instruction would be the respective local language, but though Hindi and English may also be preferred depending on the demand from the class.
  11. The trainer/institute may also conduct a class test/quiz at the end of each session as a part of continuous assessment. The criteria/pattern of conducting these quizzes and tests can be decided by the trainer. Also, each day may preferably start with the recap of the previous day’s sessions.
  12. Trainers are requested to give sufficient home works to the participants during the weekend.


  • Every teaching/practical staff member handling a class will take attendance till the last instruction day of the training program and the records will be kept with the organizing institution.
  • The trainees are normally expected to attend 100% theory and practical classes/workshop practices.  However, no participants shall be allowed to be awarded certificate at the end of training unless he/she has 90% attendance in total.

Fee Structure

  • No fee will be charged from the trainees. However, the trainees will make their own arrangement for joining the training and going back. Any amount collected as security deposit must be refunded at the end of the course and need to be in the proper records.
  • The boarding and lodging of the trainees will be provided by the organizing institution. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy through State Nodal Agency will provide Rs 300 per trainee for 30 trainees for 90 days which amounts to Rs 8.10 Lakhs.
  • The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy through State Nodal Agency will provide course fee to the institute at the rate of Rs 25/- per hour x 30 participants x 600 hours which amounts to Rs 4.50 Lakhs.
  • The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy through State Nodal Agency will provide assessment charges for 30 trainees @ Rs 800/- which amounts to Rs 0.24 Lakhs.

Assessment of Trainees

The final examination consisting of written test, practical examination shall be conducted at the end of the three months by the Skill Council for Green Jobs or NCVT.

Industrial visit

During first two months of suryamitra program, at least 3 visits to medium or large industry to know power transmission, distribution, loads, cabling etc. and one visit to 33 kV substations must be planned.

Employment aspects

At the end of the suryamitra program, the host institute may arrange for placement of the “Suryamitra” by inviting, solar industries, EPC companies, marketing companies, large contractors working with Transco, Discoms etc. Maximum number of the participants must be provided employment at the end of the program. Host institute may coordinate with SNA’s to invite companies for the placement.

Venue of the Suryamitra skill development programme

To get the details of Skill Development programme venues, click here.

Suryamitra mobile app

As part of Suryamitra programme, NISE has developed a GPS based mobile Application (known as Suryamitra Mobile APP) which allows the services of trained “Suryamitras” to the various end users of Solar applications across India at their door steps.

Source : NISE

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Dhaval Hemantkumar Shah Jun 11, 2019 06:33 PM

Hi this is Dhaval shah
I was done my diploma engineering with SSC board , as per the criteria I am eligible to join suryamitr NISE , please connect me through mail or contact number that given :
Contact num : 76*******33
Email : *******@gmail.com

Anant V. Tambe Mar 14, 2019 11:31 AM

Resp. Sir,
I want to know that required eligibility criteria it ITI in Electrician /Wireman/Electronics Mechanic/Fitter/ Sheet Metal, not below 18 years is these people eligible or other people are also eligible for suryamitra skill .

Vamshi krishna Feb 01, 2019 12:15 PM

How to find placements

Mahesh Subhash Raut Jan 17, 2019 08:18 PM

Please share me address or information about government solar training in pune

Aviraj Shukla Nov 02, 2018 04:54 PM

It's a nice initiative for promoting clean energy but gov should do more marketing on this and must be accessible to common man through television and radio.
Also it don't have centre in Mumbai.
I would love to participate in this and acquired knowledge of solar energy.

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