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Jammu & Kashmir

This page contains information about Jammu & Kashmir state policies and schemes

Small Hydro Power Development in J&K


Jammu & Kashmir has a hydropower potential of the order of 20,000 MW against which only about 1500 MW has been harnessed so far. The Government of Jammu & Kashmir (GOJK) has decided to encourage generation of power through small hydropower sources of energy and has framed a policy so that the development of this sector serves as an engine to achieve the objective of promoting the all-round development of the region.

Operative Period

This policy shall be in operation from the date of its publication as notified by the Government Order. All projects awarded under this policy will be governed by this policy for their entire duration.

All Hydropower projects / stations estimated to have an installed capacity of up to 25 MW and as notified by the Jammu & Kashmir State Power Development Corporation (J&KSPDC) from time to time shall be eligible under this policy.

Jammu & Kashmir Government invites any non-GOJK agency to bid for identified projects for the development of this sector. These will be termed as Independent Power Producers (IPP). This would include any of the private sector entities, central power utilities, state governments or any other government entities and their joint ventures.

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