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West Bengal

This page contains information about West Bengal state policies and schemes.

West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency

West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency, formed in the year 1993, has a mandate to promote Renewable Energy Technologies and create an environment conducive to their commercialization through innovative projects. The Agency, popularly known as WBREDA, has its corporate office at Kolkata, India. The West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency (WBREDA) is the State Nodal Agency for implementation of Non – Conventional Energy Programmes in the State of West Bengal.

The State of West Bengal is blessed with abundant sources of Renewable Energy in the form of Solar, Wind, Biomass, Biogas, Hydro, Tidal etc. This perennial an eternal sources of energy has a vital role in socio-economic development of not only West Bengal but also the country as a whole. Renewable Energy holds the key to the future of energy, food and economic security. All efforts should, therefore, be directed to harness alternate sources of energy to supplement our energy needs for domestic, institutional, commercial and industrial purposes. The New and Renewable Energy Sources is closely linked with Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation and Climate Change issues like Global Warming etc.

For more information, visit WBREDA


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