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Ujwal Bharat

This topic provides information about the Ujwal Bharat

Ujwal Bharat is a joint programme of the Ministry of Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy.  It is focused on illuminating the life of every Indian thus creating an Ujwal Bharat. The overall aim is to ensure 24X7 Power for all by 2019.

Roles of Ministries

The Ministry of Power is concerned with perspective planning, policy formulation, processing of projects for investment decision, monitoring of the implementation of power projects, training and manpower development and the administration and enactment of legislation in regard to thermal, hydro power generation, transmission and distribution.

The Ministry of Coal has the overall responsibility of determining policies and strategies in respect of exploration and development of coal and lignite reserves, sanctioning of important projects of high value and for deciding all related issues.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is the nodal Ministry of the Government of India for all matters relating to new and renewable energy. The broad aim of the Ministry is to develop and deploy new and renewable energy for supplementing the energy requirements of the country.


  • Doubling Coal India's production to 100 Cr tonnes/year by 2020
  • 5 times increase in renewable capacity to 1,75,000 MW by 2022
  • Power generation to increase by 50% by 2020
  • Energy saving to increase to 10% of current consumption

Achievements as on May 2016

  • Energy deficit reduced to 2.1% in 2015-16
  • Conventional Power capacity added during 2014-16 - 46,543 MW
  • 69 ckm of Transmission lines laid per day in 2014-16
  • UDAY bonds worth Rs 1 lakh crore issued in 2015-16

For more information on achievements, visit http://ujwalbharat.gov.in/achievements/

Source : www.ujwalbharat.gov.in/

Ranil seth May 28, 2018 09:41 PM

Gvt initiates good schemes . At the same it should provide proper awareness to all sections of people in India . It is ultimate duty of every individual to use non renewable resources very preciously.

Satyam Srivastava Mar 13, 2018 11:47 AM

Great inintiative by the government, but they need to act quickly because India is lagging behind in Energy Consumption per capita by a large margin, and the data shows that Energy consumption per capita is directly proportional to the per capita income, and higher the per capita income the higher will be disposable income and therefore direct and indirect tax generation, better will be the standard of living in India. This single step can raise India's ranking by a very big margin in every world ranking report be it HDR,Per Capita,Happiness or any other.

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