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Child Health

This section covers various topics related to child growth, development and care.

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Children
The topic briefs about non alcoholic fatty liver disease in children.
Seizure /Convulsions
In this topic about Seizure /Convulsions Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention etc..
Congenital heart defects
Reasons for congenital heart defects in children and their symptoms are explained here
Promotion of school health and its maintenance
This topic explains the importance of promoting child health monitoring and promotion at school.
Benefits of getting up early
This topic discusses the advantages of early rising among school going children.
Hygiene and child growth
This topic describes about hygiene and sanitation and its influence on child growth.
Information on Hearing impairment and Rehabilitation
This section provides the Information on Hearing impairment and Rehabilitation for children
Childhood Diarrhoea and its management
This topic provides information about Childhood diarrhoeal diseases and its management.
Newborn care week
Newborn Care Week is celebrated every year in the country from15 to 21 November. The aim for celebrating the week is to raise awareness about the importance of the newborn care for child survival and development.
Childhood Obesity & Its Association With Heart Diseases
child Obesity and its effect on health
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