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Diseases & disorders

Commonly occurring diseases and disorders in human beings are described here

Infectious Diseases
This topic covers various Infectious Diseases
Kidney Related
The topic covers various aspects of Kidney, Stones and Renal failure etc..
Lifestyle disorders
Life-style oriented diseases and disorders are explained here
Liver Related
This topic covers variuos aspects of Liver
Lungs Related
This topic covers various aspects related to Lungs
Nutrititional Disorders
This topic covers variuos aspects related to Nutrititional Disorders
Sexually Transmitted Infections
This section provides information about Sexually Transmitted Infections / Reproductive Tract Infections.
Skin Care
This topic covers variuos Aspects related to Skin Diseases
Vector borne diseases
Details regarding causes, symptoms, prevention and programmes from government to prevent the vector borne diseases prevalent in India, are covered here
Zoonotic diseases
This section provides information about Zoonotic diseases.
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