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Food Safety Connect

This topic provides information about FSSAI initiative to enable citizens share their concerns regarding food safety violations.

Food Safety Connect is a The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) initiative to enable citizens to share their concerns regarding food safety violations.  It also allows a consumer to know their rights, track Food Business Operators license/registration certificate authenticity and view related articles/videos on food safety.


How to register your concern related to food safety violations

  1. Consumer can post their concern through either of the following modes:
  2. Visit the “Share your concern” link to submit your concern.
  3. Follow the below mentioned procedure to share your concern:
    • STEP 1: Identify type of food and the problem observed
    • STEP 2: Identify the recommended practices not followed under the premises
    • STEP 3: Identify the Outlet or Product Brand Name and provide address of the Seller/Outlet of the product.
  4. Once all the details are provided, your concern will be shared with the nearest Food Safety Officer for further follow up.

Source : FSSAI Food Safety Connect

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