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Tips for reproductive healthcare

This topic provides tips to maintain health of a woman's reproductive system.

It’s not easy being a woman. Women are still primary care givers and nurturers in any family. Those who work outside, have the additional challenge of juggling domestic responsibilities with professional aspirations. However, even as women effortlessly go about their varied roles, many end up neglecting their own health. And the one aspect of health that is perhaps the most neglected is intimate care, with over 75 per cent of all women being completely unaware of the need for a separate intimate care regime. Most women only seek curative measures and visit a doctor only when they experience discomfort and irritation in their intimate areas. However, with the following simple and basic tips, they can take preventive measures and take greater control of their intimate care.

Make vaginal washing a part of your daily routine

Intimate care isn’t something you should have to worry about only when you start experiencing discomfort. Regular care and preventive measures ensure you stay clean and healthy always. Care shouldn’t be limited to washing only while bathing. Women should wash their intimate areas 2-3 times, especially during monsoons and menstrual cycles to keep infections at bay.

Don't use soap

Soap has a Ph factor of 5.5 which is the same as your skin. However, vaginal skin is very delicate and therefore Ph balance ranges from 3.8 to 4.5. It is essential to maintain the Ph balance to avoid dryness, soreness and irritation of the vagina as well as check the growth of harmful bacteria.

Don't srub your intimate area

Never scrub or use a brush on your vagina. Vaginal skin is very delicate and you could end up with scratches and in pain. Use a soft towel to wipe the region.

Clean from front to back

Always clean the intimate area from the front to the back. In other words, clean the vagina first and move backwards towards the anus. This will prevent harmful bacteria that reside in the anus from infecting the vagina.

Use a wash with natural ingredients

Artificial chemicals make the vagina dry. However, naturally occurring chemicals like lactic acid help maintain the Ph balance and help restore smoothness of the vaginal area. Natural oils like Tea Tree Oil and Seabuck Thorn Oil are known for their soothing quality and fresh natural fragrance.

Wear cotton underwear

Cotton is the softest and most skin friendly fabric. It allows for air circulation and absorbs moisture quickly. While silk and satin underwear can be worn on special occasions, cotton underwear can be worn on a daily basis.

Wear comfortable clothing

Avoid tight fitting clothes as they restrict air circulation and cause the vaginal area to get compressed or creased in an unnatural way.

Remember, health comes first.

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