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A down to earth information repository

Smt. Madhulika Singh shares her experiences on how the best practices information available in Vikaspedia helps her.

A down to earth information repository I am a Principal in Patna and so have to keep myself updated with new happenings to impart good knowledge among my students. My visit to Vikaspedia portal fulfills this need. While going through the portal, I have comes across ground stories (best practices) from Bihar which have touched my heart and inspired me to share it among students. These stories compiled by a Vikaspedia volunteer - Mr. Sandeep Kumar is a valuable repository that can inspire many. It also is a proof of how down to earth the information in Vikaspedia is and the hard work invested by the people on this national platform. This is a great resource for all of us who are working hard to uplift the downtrodden.

Smt. Madhulika Singh,

Principal, Sherwood School, Patna, Bihar

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