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A small effort matters for a big change to come

Ms Manushi Trivedi shares her experiences on using Vikaspedia.

I would want to tell that use of information and technology is an important aspect in agriculture. In the age of information, it's right management can bring revolution in agriculture sector. Use of right information can create a trend in the world. The most important aspect is that right information reaches to people. The knowledge management platform - Vikaspedia is a helpful platform in this regard. Besides Agriculture, it provides information related to five other useful domains. Here the community gets information in a language they understand, it’s easy to use and works as a information back-up source. It has also online services for use by youth. Everyone in the country wants big change but for it we need to take atleast a small effort.  So I request all young and old, men and women to be on Vikaspedia, to be part of the change they want to see.

Ms Manushi Trivedi, Student, B. Tech Agricultural IT, Anand Agriculture University

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