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Satisfying a mother's need for information

The case study shares the experience of a mother who got information regarding milestones in child growth.

As a mother of a 1 ½ year old daughter, I was always anxious to know if my daughter's growth is normal. I was under the impression that only the health workers will be able to tell me about this. Staying in a village, calling on a health worker whenever you need their advice is not an easy task.

During one of my visits to a nearby telecentre, I had the opportunity to see this portal. I had never seen such a useful site in Telugu language before. Immediately, I tried searching for information on child growth monitoring in the portal. There I found an easy to use monitoring system, where I myself can monitor the health status of my child, using simple parameters.

Besides knowing about monitoring my child's growth, I also came to know about the nutritional food that needs to be given to my daughter. This portal has helped me become an intelligent mother who cares for her child's health.

Ms Subhashini, Ponnamanda village, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh

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