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Register as a content contributor

This page describes the process to register and contribute content to the vikaspedia portal.

Procedure to register as a content contributor

  • Click on "Register" option found at the top right side of the portal to access the registration form.
  • You can either register as  'Content contributor' or ‘member’.
  • To Register as a Content contributor, you need to fill in details like Name, e-mail, Phone no etc...
  • You also need to choose your areas of expertise.  You may choose upto two areas from the list of six  specified areas - Agriculture, Education, Energy, Social Welfare, Health and e-Governance.
  • Fill all the details marked with a red asterisk (*) mark. These are mandatory fields.
  • On submission of the form, an authentication mail is sent to the email id mentioned by you during the process of registration.
  • Open your inbox of given mail Id, click on URL link which is mentioned in the mail. You can now set your password.
  • Terms and conditions to set your password
    1. Your password should not be less than 8 letters
    2. It should contain atleast one capital letter (A-Z)
    3. It should contain atleast one small letter (a-z)
    4. It should contain atleast one special character (@ # $ % & ? etc...)
    5. It should contain atleast one number (0-9).
  • Once you set your password, you can now login with your username (your email id is your username) and the set password.

How can a content contributor contribute content in the portal?

A content contributor can contribute content in the areas s/he is assigned in the portal. These areas are those that a content contributor chooses as his/her areas of expertise during the registration form.

A content contributor can either add a new page or edit an existing content page in the assigned areas.

To add a new page:

  • Login as a content contributor with your credentials.
  • If you are successfully logged in, you will see your name on right-side top corner of the page.
  • You can add a new page in the domain that you are approved as a Content Contributor
  • You can add a new page under any existing menu (eg. crop production) or sub menu (eg. pulses).
  • Please click on “Add New” option available in the green band in the menu / sub menu page in /under which you want to add the new page
  • Enter the ‘Title’, ‘Summary’ for the content page and start entering the content in ‘Body Text’
  • Click on “Save’
  • The page is added and will be in the "Review in process" state.

To Edit content pages:

  • You can edit the content pages in the area/s in which you are approved as Content-Contributor.
  • Click on “Edit” and a ‘Edit” window with content will be displayed; Make the relevant changes.
  • Click on “Save”. The changes will be reflected and the page will be in "Review in process" state.

If you face any issues or require assistance, write to us at indg@cdac.in

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