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Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

This topic provides information about Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY).

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) is a flagship scheme of Government of India to “fund the unfunded” by bringing such enterprises to the formal financial system and extending affordable credit to them. It enables a small borrower to borrow from all Public Sector Banks such as PSU Banks, Regional Rural Banks and Cooperative Banks, Private Sector Banks, Foreign Banks, Micro Finance Institutions (MFI) and Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFC) for loans upto Rs 10 lakhs for non-farm income generating activities. The scheme was launched on 8th April, 2015 by the Hon'ble Prime Minister.


Any Indian Citizen who has a business plan for a non-farm sector income generating activity such as manufacturing, processing, trading or service sector and whose credit need is less than Rs 10 lakh can approach either a Bank, MFI, or NBFC for availing of Micro Units Development & Refinance Agency Ltd. (MUDRA) loans under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY).

Types of loans provided

Under the aegis of Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana, MUDRA has already created the following products / schemes.

  • Shishu : covering loans upto 50,000/-
  • Kishor : covering loans above 50,000/- and upto 5 lakh
  • Tarun : covering loans above 5 lakh and upto 10 lakh
The interventions have been named 'Shishu', 'Kishor' and 'Tarun' to signify the stage of growth / development and funding needs of the beneficiary micro unit / entrepreneur and also provide a reference point for the next phase of graduation / growth to look forward to. It would be ensured that at least 60% of the credit flows to Shishu Category Units and the balance to Kishor and Tarun Categories.

There is no subsidy for the loan given under PMMY. However, if the loan proposal is linked some Government scheme, wherein the Government is providing capital subsidy, it will be eligible under PMMY also.

Sectors covered

To maximize coverage of beneficiaries and tailor products to meet requirements of specific business activities, sector / activity focused schemes would be rolled out. To begin with, based on higher concentration of businesses in certain activities / sectors, schemes are proposed for:

  • Land Transport Sector / Activity - Which will inter alia support units for purchase of transport vehicles for goods and personal transport such as auto rickshaw, small goods transport vehicle, 3 wheelers, e-rickshaw, passenger cars, taxis, etc.
  • Community, Social & Personal Service Activities - Such as saloons, beauty parlours, gymnasium, boutiques, tailoring shops, dry cleaning, cycle and motorcycle repair shop, DTP and Photocopying Facilities, Medicine Shops, Courier Agents, etc.
  • Food Products Sector - Support would be available for undertaking activities such as papad making, achaar making, jam / jelly making, agricultural produce preservation at rural level, sweet shops, small service food stalls and day to day catering / canteen services, cold chain vehicles, cold storages, ice making units, ice cream making units, biscuit, bread and bun making, etc.
  • Textile Products Sector / Activity - To provide support for undertaking activities such as handloom, powerloom, chikan work, zari and zardozi work, traditional embroidery and hand work, traditional dyeing and printing, apparel design, knitting, cotton ginning, computerized embroidery, stitching and other textile non garment products such as bags, vehicle accessories, furnishing accessories, etc.

How to apply

Borrowers, who wish to avail assistance under Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY), can approach the local branch of any of the financial institutions in their region - PSU Banks, Regional Rural Banks and Cooperative Banks, Private Sector Banks, Foreign Banks, Micro Finance Institutions (MFI) and Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFC). Sanction of assistance shall be as per the eligibility norms of respective lending institution.

Check List: (Documents to be submitted along with the application)

  • Proof of identity – Self attested copy of Voter’s ID Card / Driving Licence / PAN Card / Aaadhaar Card / Passport / Photo Ids issued by Govt. authority etc.
  • Proof of Residence : Recent telephone bill / electricity bill / property tax receipt (not older than 2 months) / Voter’s ID Card / Aaadhar Card / Passport of Individual / Proprietor / Partners Bank passbook or latest account statement duly attested by Bank Officials / Domicile Certificate / Certificate issued by Govt. Authority / Local Panchayat / Municipality etc.
  • Applicant’s recent Photograph (2 copies) not older than 6 months.
  • Quotation of Machinery / other items to be purchased.
  • Name of Supplier / details of machinery / price of machinery and / or items to be purchased.
  • Proof of Identity / Address of the Business Enterprise – Copies of relevant Licences / Registration Certificates / Other Documents pertaining to the ownership, identity of address of business unit, if any
  • Proof of category like SC / ST / OBC / Minority etc.

Note : For all PMMY loans, the following are to be noted.

  • No processing fee
  • No collateral
  • Repayment period of loan is extended up to 5 years
  • Applicant should not be defaulter of any Bank / Financial Institution

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Source: Micro Units Development & Refinance Agency Ltd (MUDRA)

Ravi Kumar Oct 09, 2019 12:02 PM

Mudra is a game changer and now during economic slowdown MUDRA is giving instant online loan to boost economy.

Shyan Mukherjee Sep 16, 2019 01:46 PM

I am a momo maker, I want build up a small momo shop, up to 2 years I continue trying to get any govt: sponsor loan but steel now I can't achieve loan can you help me How can I apply a mudra loan online Thank you

AVUNURI MALLESH May 11, 2019 03:44 PM

pleases mentioned rate of interest and details of process

Subash baman Feb 10, 2019 12:46 AM

We are not getting such loan throgh bank ...kindly provide to issue such type of direct throgh online ...then we will get it nd easy to start buisness....thanks ...subash baman...Mal.. jalpaiguri...w.b ...735221...cont ...86*******19

tarun kumar choudhary Sep 09, 2018 08:11 PM

mudra scheme has left the dhobi community for modernising their activity. there are many dhobi Ghar near the rivers who are polluting the rivers by pouring more and more chemicals in the river so government should include them in the mudra scheme so that these people can go for the modern machine, such as commercial washing machine and water recycling machine, so that there is minimal waste of water.

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