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Tribes India

This topic provides information related to Tribes India.

About Tribes India

The Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India, (TRIFED), under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, is engaged in marketing development of tribal products including art and craft items. TRIFED has been marketing tribal products through its own shops called "TRIBES India" and through the outlets of the state emporia on consignment basis. To access the contact details of TRIBES India stores, click here.

TRIFED has developed a system of sourcing products of art and craft made by empanelled tribal suppliers. The suppliers comprise of individual tribal artisans, tribal SHGs, Organisations/ Agencies/NGOs working with tribals, who are empanelled as suppliers of TRIFED as per the guidelines for empanelment of suppliers.  The products procured by TRIFED are then sold through its marketing platform of "Tribes India".

e-Commerce platform of Tribes India

Going Digital will lead to expansion of tribal commerce and the availability of tribal products over large area, reaping greater benefits for tribal artisans.

A e-commerce (electronic commerce) website - www.tribesindia.com has hence been made available for sale of all its products.

Categories of products sold

The categories of tribal products sold in the platform include

  • Metal Craft
  • Tribal Textiles
  • Tribal Jewellery
  • Tribal painting
  • Cane & Bamboo
  • Terracotta & Stone Pottery
  • Gift and Novelties
  • Organic and Natural Food Products

Services available

  • The users can browse through the various categories of products available in the platform.
  • The users can buy authentic items online through digital payment methods.
  • The purchased items are delivered at your doorstep in a prompt manner.

Mobile apps of TRIBES India

The TRIBES India platform can also be accessed using an Android App. To download the app, click here.

Source : TRIBES India

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