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Anubhav platform for retired government employees

This topic provides information about Anubhav platform for retired employees of government services

‘Anubhav’ is an online initiative that enables submission and display of commendable work done by retiring employees. Initially this facility is being provided only to retiring Central government employees. It is an initiative of the Department of Pensions & Pensioners’ Welfare, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Government of India.

Vision and Mission

To provide a platform for the retiring Central Government employees to showcase commendable work done during service. This would provide satisfaction to the retiring employee and also act as a motivator for serving employees. This would also be a wonderful opportunity to garner the resource of retiring employees for voluntary contribution to nation building post retirement.

Framework/ Modalities


  • Initially this facility is to be provided only to retiring Central government employees. Employees retiring in the next 6 months may be provided an online facility to submit their achievements.
  • Submission would be voluntary


  • The retiring employee may submit a write-up, not more than 5000 words along with appropriate attachments where need be. The write up may be submitted at the time of furnishing of Form 5 (Pension Application form which is required to be submitted 6 months before retirement).
  • The online link for submission of the write-up is Employees can also submit hard copies instead of the online submission.
  • Since most successful ventures would have contributions of the entire team, retiring persons may indicate names of other members of the team in the write-up.
  • Comments which are religious, gender based or based on caste and creed will not be permitted.
  • The comments should not have a potential to disturb communal harmony or against the national interest. They should not reveal any sensitive or secret information. iv. The input will be checked by the Head of Office and result submitted to the administrative head/ authority designated for this purpose to ensure that the submission is as per format.
  • Write-up submitted by the retiree will be published after the due verification by concerned organisation.
  • This exercise would be completed at least one month before retirement and the result uploaded on the concerned departmental website.
    • The comments made by the employee not belonging to All India Service may be hosted on the website of the Ministry/ Department from where the employee retired and on the website of the cadre controlling authority where a link may be provided.
    • In respect of employee belonging to All India Service, the comments may be hosted on website of the cadre controlling authority and on the website of the state on whose cadre they were borne.
  • The Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare will coordinate and collate the data and information.

Source : Anubhav Portal

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Maurice Sungu Dec 18, 2019 02:32 AM

I've just come across this site and got excited. We are in the process of registering a nonprofit organisation in Kenya for retirees. I'll be glad if we could compare notes and share best practices. We also want to learn from your expertise and experience.
If you are interested, you may contact me via my email: *******@yahoo.com. My whatsapp unumber is +25*******15.

Ishwari Prasad Oct 21, 2019 08:40 PM

Sir, I am enrolled but no work has been assigned to me. Pl look.

PONNURAJ K Nov 26, 2017 11:01 PM

Have a good day,
This anubave platform is useful to
Pensioners.please inform all departments pensioners association s.And wide publicly .
And district level anubahave platform estblishd
by collector's head .And publishing in
regional language of all states.we are ready to work after retirement to improve each department .
By K.PONNURAJ, retired postal assistant
India Post department.
e-mail -*******@gmail.com

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