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Artistes Pension Scheme and Welfare Fund

This topic provides information about Artistes Pension Scheme and Welfare Fund of the Ministry of Culture.

The Artistes Pension Scheme and Welfare Fund is an initiative of the Ministry of Culture to support artists, writers who have contributed significantly in their fields.


  • To be eligible for assistance under the Scheme, a person's contribution to art and letters, etc must be of significance. Traditional scholars who have made significant contribution in their fields would also be eligible notwithstanding the absence of any published works.
  • Personal income of the applicant (including income of the spouse) must not exceed Rs. 4000/- per month.
  • The applicant should not be less than 60 years of age (This does not apply in the case of dependents).
  • The artists who are below the age of 40 years and want to claim the Artist Pension in future should immediately register themselves under the Atal Pension Scheme. With effect from 2035, i.e. 20 years from this date when the Atal Pension Scheme will start giving benefits no new applicants will be entertained by Ministry of Culture because the applicants will be covered under Atal Pension Yojna.
  • For in-between period the artists who are awardees (State Awardees or National Awardees) and who can substantially prove their source of earning from the art activity during their active age will be eligible to apply. Such applicants should be recommended by the State Government and physically inspected by one of the organizations of Ministry of Culture before bringing it to the Expert Committee.

Nature of Assistance

  • Assistance from the Government in the form of monthly allowance of Rs 4000. Such allowance given to the Artists recommended under the Centre-State Quota will be shared by the Centre and State Government /UT Administration concerned, with the latter paying a monthly allowance of at least Rs.500/- per month per beneficiary. The monthly allowance contributed by the Central Government in such cases shall not exceed Rs. 3500/- per month per beneficiary and in cases of those recommended under Central Quota the assistance shall not exceed Rs.4000/- per month per beneficiary.
  • On the death of a recipient, the said financial assistance may be continued at the discretion of the Central Government after examining the financial condition of the dependents. The mode of payment, in case of death of the recipient, of financial assistance will be as under:
    • For spouse : Till life
    • For dependents : Till marriage or employment or upto the age of 21 years, whichever is earlier.

Application process

  • The application consists of the following.
    • Application form
    • Supporting documents
      • Life certificate (Age 60 years and above)
      • Income Certificate (Rs.4000/- or less per month )
      • Certificate(s) from relevant field such as awards, recognition, or distinction received from Govt. or any prominent literary or arts society.
      • Bank authorization proforma
  • The applications have to be sent through respective State Government/UT Administrations with their recommendations.
  • Requests can also be considered directly by the Central Government for granting assistance from Central Quota.
  • Applications should be submitted in prescribed Form and sent to the following address
    The Director,
    South Central Zonal Cultural Centre,
    56/1, Civil Lines, opposite MLS’s Hostel, Nagpur-440001, Maharashtra

Selection process

  • The names of the deserving candidates for award of Artistes Pension will be decided on the basis of financial position and eminence etc. of the applicants by the Central Government on the recommendations of the Expert Committee constituted by Ministry of Culture, subject to availability of fund. The cases of all recommended candidates will be placed before Minister in charge of Ministry of Culture for approval.
  • In the light of the recommendations of the State Government/UT Administration, financial means and eminence of the applicants, the quantum of assistance to be granted and the awardees under the Centre-State Quota may be decided by the Expert Committee nominated by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India subject to the availability of funds.
  • The quantum of assistance to be met from the "Central Quota" and the awardees will be decided by the Central Government on the recommendations of the Expert Committee after ascertaining the financial position of the applicant. Such cases will invariably be placed before the Minister in charge of the Ministry of Culture for approval.

For more details, contact

  • Section Officer, 210, IInd, ‘D’Block, Puratatva Bhawan, G.P.O. Complex, I.N.A. New Delhi-110023. Phone : (011)-24642165.
  • Manager (P & GS), Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), 6th & 7th Floor, Jeevan Parkash, 25, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi- 110001. Contact Nos. for Enquiries: 23708275, 23705953, Fax No. 23350832, E –mail: bo_g103@licindia.com.

Source : Ministry of Culture

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