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Household Assistant Trade in Madhya Pradesh

This topic provides information about the Household Assistant Trade in Madhya Pradesh.


The Madhya Pradesh State Skill Development Mission (MPSSDM) is functioning under the aegis of the Department of Technical Education and Skill Development (DoTESD), Government of Madhya Pradesh with an objective to act as the apex body for skilling in the State. The Mission is responsible for monitoring, coordinating, converging and providing an overall policy direction for skill development activities in the State. The core activity of the Mission is to provide job-oriented training for unemployed youth and to produce skilled workforce as per society & industry demands.


The Household Assistant Trade was developed with the objective of enhancing the skills of women who undertake household work through structured training to make them multi-skilled so that their income an standard of living improves. Course Content under this trade includes :

  • Cooking — varieties & with efficiency
  • Operate & upkeep of kitchen gadgets
  • Cleaning
  • First aid knowledge and practice, Security aspects including practices for self-defense
  • Use of firefighting equipment
  • General Etiquette
  • Banking practices including saving, investment and insurance etc.

Household Assistant Trade, Madhya Pradesh

All trainees are provided stipend. Venue for the training was selected near habitat i.e. cluster of huts and houses, so that it is convenient for beneficiary to spare time from their routine work.

The scheme has now been converged with Mukhyamantri Kaushalya Yojana.

Key takeaways

The household assistant trade if replicated in other states shall be able to cater to the market demand of household help with well-trained individuals and empowers rural as well urban women with not just the knowledge of household activities but also financial, general etiquette, banking practices, self-defense etc.

Source : Skilling for employability - Best Practices

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