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Apprenticeship training

This topic provides FAQs on Apprenticeship training.

The Apprentices Act, 1961 was enacted with the objective of regulating the programme of training of apprentices in the industry by utilizing the facilities available therein for imparting on-the-job training. The Act makes it obligatory for employers in specified industries to engage apprentices in designated trades to impart Apprenticeship Training on the job in industry to youth and person having National Trade certificate issued by National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) to develop skilled manpower for the industry.

Apprentice and Apprenticeship training

  • An apprentice is a person who is undergoing apprenticeship training.
  • Apprenticeship training refers to a course of training in any industry or establishment. Apprenticeship training consists of basic training ( theoretical instructions ) and practical on the job training at actual work place.
  • Any individual, who has completed 14 years of age, is physically fit and having minimum educational qualification prescribed for a trade can undergo apprenticeship training.
  • Benefits of apprenticeship training - Apprentices get an opportunity of undergoing 'on the job' training and are exposed to real working conditions. They get a chance to work on advanced machines and equipments, industry specific best practices and learn more about their field. Apprentices become skilled workers once they have acquired the knowledge and skills in a trade or occupation, which help them in getting wage or self - employment. In addition apprentices get stipend at the prescribed rates during the training.
  • One can undergo apprenticeship training in any industry/ establishments in the Central/State Pubic Sector or Private Sector, where apprenticeship seats are available.

Categories of apprentices

There are four categories of apprentices namely

  • Trade apprentice
    • A person undergoing apprenticeship training in any designated trade. Designated trade is any trade / occupation / any subject field in engineering / non - engineering / technology / any vocational course as notified by the Government.
    • 8th, 10th, 12th standard and ITI pass - outs are eligible to undergo apprenticeship in designated trades for trade apprentices. In certain trades, B.Sc. pass is also a prescribed qualification.
  • Graduate apprentice - A person who holds a degree in engineering /non - engineering and undergoing apprenticeship training in designated trade.
  • Technician apprentice - A person who holds a diploma in engineering / non - engineering and undergoing apprenticeship training in designated trade.
  • Technician (vocational) apprentice - A person who holds certificate in vocational course after the completion of the secondary stage of school education recognised by the All - India Council.

FAQs on Apprenticeship training

Is there any rebate /concession for ITI pass - outs?

ITI pass - outs get rebate in the period of apprenticeship training. ( For example the duration of training of apprentices in Fitter trade is 3 years ITI pass - outs in Fitter trade will undergo apprenticeship training for only one year. Because rebate for 2 years of training for Fitter trade is provided as the duration of Fitter trade in ITI is 2 years.

What certification is provided to trade apprentice after completion of training?

At the end of training, the apprentice appears at an All India Trade Test conducted by the National Council for Vocational Training in designated trade. Successful apprentice is awarded National Apprenticeship Certificate, which is recognized qualification for employment. For apprentices in optional trade the assessment shall be done with the establishment where they are undergoing the apprenticeship programme.

Is there any stipend paid to trade apprentices?

Yes. The minimum rate of stipend per month payable to trade apprentices is as follows, namely:

  • 1st year : 70% of minimum wage of semi - skilled workers notified by the respective State or Union territory
  • 2nd year : 80% of minimum wage of semi - skilled workers notified by the respective State or Union territory.
  • 3 rd & 4th year : 90% of minimum wage of semi - skilled workers notified by the respective State or Union territory .

What is the duration of apprenticeship training of graduate, technician and technician (vocational) apprentice?

One year.

What are the rates of stipend for graduate, technician and technician ( vocational) apprentices?

  • Graduate : Rs . 4984 per month
  • Technician : Rs. 3542 per month.
  • Technician (Vocational) : Rs. 2758 per month.

Who pays the stipend to graduate, technician & technician ( vocational) apprentices?

Stipend for the categories of graduate, technician & technician ( vocational) apprentices is shared equally between the employer and the Central Government.

What is an optional trade?

An optional trade is any trade / occupation / any subject field in engineering / non - engineering / technology / any vocational course as may be determined by the employer.

What is the qualification for apprentice in optional trade?

The minimum qualification prescribed is 8th class pass.

What is duration of apprenticeship training in optional trade?

06 months to 02 years depending upon trade.

How many apprentices can be engaged by an industry/establishment?

In a financial year, establishment shall engage apprentices within a band of 2.5 % to 10 % of the total strength of the establishment including contractual staff. An establishment with total strength 100 can engage maximum of 10 apprentices and minimum of 3 apprentices.

Which Ministry is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Apprentices Act Centrally?

Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Act with respect to trade apprentices. Graduate, Technician and Technician (Vocational) apprentices are covered by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Can an apprentice leave apprenticeship training in between?

Yes. S/He can leave apprenticeship training before completion, if s/he gets employment or gets admission for higher studies.

Apprenticeship training portal

The portal helps in registration of the apprentices and establishments who wish to engage in apprenticeship training.

Privileges for Apprentices
  • Apprentice Registration - To register for Apprenticeship Training in any registered Establishment on the portal
  • Establishment Search - to search for registered Establishments for apprenticeship training based on the criteria like region, trade type, seats, etc.
  • Apply for Apprenticeship Training - This link enables user ( candidates ) to apply for establishment as per the trade. To apply for apprenticeship, follow the below mention steps:
    • Select Establishment> Establishment Search.
    • Enter the required details as Establishment Name, Region, State (mandatory), District, trade type, trade, Seat Available or Hostel facility.
    • Click on ‘ Search ’ to search the details or click on ‘ Clear ’ to clear the filters. If the user will click on Search button, the details of establishments will be displayed based on filter criteria.
    • Click on Establishment Name in which user want to apply. If user will select the establishment, it redirect to establishment details page.
    • Under Establishment Trade Details if seats are available, there would be link to apply. Click on Apply as per the trade.
    • The apprentice request for apprenticeship will go for approval to the Establishment.
  • Apprentice Profile - To view the apprentice profile.

Privileges for establishments

For the complete user manual of the the portal, click here.

Placement portal

The portal brings together both the job seekers and job providers to facilitate the placement of ITIs and other trainees.

Job Seekers/ Candidates

Job Providers/ Establishments

ITI/ Placement Cell

For the complete user manual of the the portal, click here.

Source : Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship

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