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This product has been developed in association with National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), provides information on understanding food, nutrient requirement and their sources, food related diseases and food safety. Available in 6 languages - Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi and English.

This multimedia CD provides information on how to produce and market 54 commercially important medicinal, aromatic and dye yielding crops. Available in 4 languages - Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and English.

This product had been made with the support of Oxfam Novib and Concern Worldwide India. Provides content related to reducing cost of cultivation, risk management during natural calamities in coastal areas and best practices specific to rice cultivation in coastal areas. Available in English and Tamil.

Multimedia Products

Nutrition and Health
Production and Marketing of Medicinal, Aromatic & Dye Yielding Crops
Guidelines for reducing risks in tail end rice cultivation

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