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Fight against social evils

This section covers information about Fight against social evils, under various topics like child marriage, dowry problem etc.

Anti Dowry
This section gives information about dowry and also creates awareness on dowry
Caste system in India
This topic covers the information related to caste system in India.
Child Marriage
This section provides information on child marriages in India and steps taken by government and other agencies to prevent it.
Female Infanticide
This section covers information about the facts and causes of female infanticide.
Human Trafficking
This section provides information about Human Trafficking.
Witchcraft & Sorcery
This topic contains the Information related to Witchcraft & Sorcery
Consumer Education
This Section covers the Information related to Consumer Education
Legal awareness
This section provides information related to various laws related to social evils.
This section provides information about schemes of government to fight against social evils.
Handling Substance Abuse in communities
This topic provides information for Communities on Handling of Substance Abuse.
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