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Aao School Chalein

This section provides information about Aao School Chalein.


Innovation: To ensure that all girls are enrolled in school

Duration: Annual

Location: Sikar, Rajasthan

Key Stakeholders:District Magistrate, Department of Education, Anganwadi Worker (AWW), Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA), Adolescent Girls, Community Members

Brief Description

The main focus of this campaign is on the Girl Child’s education and to re-Aao School Chalein2enrol girls who have dropped out of school. For this purpose, stakeholders like the Department of Education, AWW, ASHA and Gram Sathins undertook a door-to-door campaign and distributed invitation letters along with ‘Peele Chawal’ to families with the aim of ensuring that girls attend and enrol themselves in school. ‘Peele Chawal’ is an accompaniment to invitations in Sikar. These invitation letters were signed by District Collector, which had given value to this campaign.

Factors Contributing to Success

The active participation of all stakeholders at the District and community levels to bring about awareness on the importance of girls’ education has contributed to the success of this campaign.

Outcome, Benefits & Impact

Girls’ enrolment in school education in the session of 2013-14 was 1,39,768, which has increased to 2,37,588 in the session of 2016-17. As a result of combined effort, a 3.55% increase in the enrolment of girls has been witnessed in the current academic session. This campaign has proved to be an inspiration to the families of girls. Furthermore, with the contributions of Bhamasaah (elderly community members), separate toilets were also built for girls in three Blocks of the District.

Challenges and Future Prospects

One of the main challenges is to identify dropout girl students and thereafter convince their parents to re-enrol their daughters in schools. Secondly, providing transportation facilities to girls has been a crucial factor in their completion of school.

This campaign has created an environment that encourages community members to aim for target of 100% in the enrolment of girls. It has been an empowering campaign for families who have daughters.

Source: Innovations under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

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