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Places to visit inTamilnadu

Beaches in Tamilnadu

The Marina Beach

It is the pride of Chennai and the Second Longest Beach of its kind in the world. The Memorials of former Chief Ministers C.N.Annadurai and M.G.Ramachandran are located here. The stretch opposite to the beach is occupied by Madras University, Government Departments, Senate House, Presidency college, Cricket Stadium and Swami Vivekananda Memorial House.

Elliot’s Beach

It is the stretch of beach along the coast on the south of the popular Marina beach. This area has the three popular religious establishments called Velankanni Church [Similar to the church in Nagapattinam], Ashta Lakhmi Temple[8 different incarnations of Goddess Lakshmi] and Holistic Granite replica of Arupadai Veedu [6 special Abodes of Lord Murugan].

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam or Covelong as it was known earlier is a small fishing village located 40 kms from Chennai on the way to Mahabalipuram. Now it is a luxury beach resort. There was a fort built by the Nawab of Carnatic, Saadat Ali.


58 kms, south of Chennai, has a beautiful beach spanning a distance of over 20 km. An erstwhile port of the Pallava dynasty the place abounds with stone carvings, caves, rock cut temples also attract tourists. A crocodile farm, snake. venom extracting centre, schools of art and sculpture and a wide choice of resorts along the beach draw holiday-seekers all round the year.

Kanyakumari Beach

At the southern most tip of India, where the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal meet, lies Kanyakumari, an important pilgrim center. Kanyakumari is famous for its spectacular sunrises and sunsets, especially on full moon days. The beach itself is a beautiful sight with multi-colored sand. There is a lighthouse from where one can get a panoramic view. The Government museum offers a good collection of sculptural art crafts of Tamil Nadu.

Rameshwaram Beach

The beauteous beach and the famous Ramanathaswamy Temple make Rameshwaram, a quiet seaside hamlet, a tourist hub. Bordered by the Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar, Rameshwaram is also a pilgrimage centre for both Shaivaites and Vaishnavaites.

Pulicat Beaches

A saline shallow water spread formed by the confluence of Backwaters, Pullcat Lake and Buckingham Canal situated on the northern end of Tamil Nadu is an ideal picnic spot. A boating cruise in the waters and a visit to the neighboring Bird Sanctuary add to the romance of this place.

Hill Stations


This is located in the Western Ghats zone at an altitude of 2240 mtrs. It is the headquarters of the Nilgiri District, where the two mountain ranges meet.Udhagamandalam , popularly called as OOTY by the tourist, is the Queen of Hill Stations. Centuries ago this was also called as Oththai-Kal [single stone] Mandu [ Mund is a name of Toda Village]. The British started calling it as Ootacamund. Summer temperature is maximum of 25 C and a minimum of 10 C . During the Winter it is minimum 5 C and a maximum of 21 C when it is slightly warmer. This was the Summer Capital of the Madras Presidency during the British Rule. Coonoor - 19Kms, Kothagiri - 31 Kms are the other smaller nearby hill stations.

Kodaikkanal (Princess of Hill Station)

Kodaikanal is famous for the kurinji – flowers that blossom once in twelve years. One can go for cycling, horse riding, boating, trekking or engage in many other mode of entertainment. The meadows, long stretch of forests, Woods slopes, mighty rocks, bowers, creeks and slopes charms the tourists. The lake, Bryant's park, Solar physical observatory, Coakers walk, Kurinji Andavar temple, Telescope house, Green Valley view, Pillar rocks, Moier Point, Silent Valley View, Berijam Lake View, Chettiar Park, Shenbaganur Museum, Silver Cascade Falls, La Saleth [sallette] Church are some of the interesting places to visit in kodaikkanal.


Yelagiri Hill is at an 1410 meters altitude, and one of the most popular hill stations of Tamil Nadu. Situated amidst four mountains well known for its salubrious climate prevailing throughout the year. Tribal people live in villages of these hills. Human settlement started around 200 years ago.Travel by the winding Ghat road that has 14 hairpin bends, you can reach the Yelagiri hilltop. The ride offers panoramic breath taking views of the hills and its surroundings. The seventh bend is significant, since it offer the view of the slopes of the mountain and the green forests . The highest point in Yelgiri is the Swamimalai Hill, standing tall at 4,338 ft and a popular destination for trekkers. Punganur Lake, Children’s Park and Boating, Velavan Temple, Government Fruit Farm, Government Herbal Farm, Jalagamparai Water Falls, Vainu Poppu Solar Observatory are some of the interesting places to visit in Yelagiri hills.

Yercaud (A jewel of the south)

Yercaud is situated at an altitude of 4970 feet , on the Shevaroys Hills of the Eastern Ghats, located in Salem District of Northern Tamil Nadu. Yercaud Taluk spreads in an about 382.67 Sq.km area which includes the Reserve Forest also. While rest of this region, including the predominantly short and rocky hills of the Eastern Ghats welcomes all with its cool climate. The temperature never rises above 290 and does not drop down below 130 degrees. Yercaud is less expensive than either Udhagamandalam or Kodaikanal.

Botanical Survey of India maintains an Orchidarium in Yercaud. Apart from this, Coffee plantations are a plenty here. Abundance of Orange Groves too are found in this region. Bananas, Pears, Jack Fruit and spices like Pepper are the other major production of this region . Scenically, Yercaud is an enchanting Hill Station on the Western Ghats and Trekking is the most enjoyable way to spend time. Bison, Deer, Rabbits, Hares, Foxes, Mongoose, Squirrels, Partridges, Snakes, Bulbuls, Kites, Sparrows, Swallows and the Bird of Paradise form the Wild Life habitats of Yercaud region.Places for sight-seeing include the Lake, Lay’s Seat, Killiyur Falls, Pagoda Point, Arthu’s Seat, Kaveri Peak and the Servarayan temple at 5,326 ft.

Anamalai Hills

It is also called as Elephant Hills. It is a range of mountains in the Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu, located along the Western Ghats, lying between 10° 13' and 10° 31' N. and 76° 52' and 77° 23' E. It is also the tallest of the hills in South India that rises up to 8850 ft. The attractions of Anamalai Hills includes Monkey falls, Aliyar, the Crocodile Breeding Centre at Amaravati, Indira Gandhi Wild Life Sanctuary and National Park, Attakarai, Kulipatti, Manompally, Chinnar, Varagaliar, Manjampatty are some places the tourist can afford to miss.

Kolli Hills

Kolli Hills is a small mountain range located in central Tamil Nadu in India. The mountains are about 1000 to 1300 m in height and cover an area of approximately 280 km². The Kolli Hills has 72 hair pen bends to reach the top of the hills. The Kolli Hills are part of the Eastern Ghats, which is a mountain range that runs mostly parallel to the east coast of South India. The mountains are relatively untouched by commercial tourism and still retain their natural beauty. Two viewpoints - one at Seekuparai and another at Selur Nadu - are being developed to encourage tourism. Kolli Hills has been the top choice for nature lovers, hiking enthusiasts, trekking clubs and meditation practitioners among hill stations in Tamil Nadu. In comparison to other hill stations in Tamil Nadu, Kolli Hills is not commercialized, less polluted and offers unique mountain ranges.


Mudumalai Sanctuaries

It is located at an elevation of 1140 mts at the tri point junction of the States of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. First of its kind to be set up in India and forms a part of Jawaharlal Nehru National Park. It’s area is around 321 Sq.Kms. Tropical Evergreen Forest, moist Deciduous Forest, moist Teak Forest, dry Teak Forest and secondary Grassland Swamps are found here.

Vallanadu Sanctuaries

Vallanadu Deer Sanctuary : This is 35 kms from Thoothukudi on the Tirunelveli Thoothukudi highway in the Srivaikundam Tauk and located on an isolated Hilly area measuring 64 acres. This Sanctuary has been speciallycreated for the protection of Blackbucks. Vallanadu is the southern most place in India where a natural population of Blackbuck exists. The Blackbuck population grazing in the hilly area is a common sight to watch. Apart from Black Bucks; Spotted Deer, Macaques, Jungle cat, Mongoose and wild hares are some members of the Fauna population found in this Sanctuary.

Viralimalai Sanctuary

Viralimalai Sanctuary is 30 kms from Tiruchirpalli and 40 kms from Pudukottai. The Viralimalai is a Bird Sanctuary, particularly a natural sanctuary of peacocks. Large number of those birds are found in this Hill zone.

The sanctuary is one of the best places to watch peacocks. There are at least six species of peacock pheasants distributed throughout South East Asia, though the Palawan Peacock Pheasant or "Tandikan" (Polyplectron Emphanum) is by far the most spectacularly coloured of these beautiful birds.

Point Calimere Sanctuary

Calimere Wild Life Sanctuary : It is around 70 kms from Nagapattinam and 11Kms from Vedaranyam. Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary was created in 1967 for conservation of Blackbuck, an endangered and endemic species of India. Black bucks, Spotted Deers, Jackal, Ponies and Wild hare are sighted very often.

Indira Gandhi National Sanctuaries

INDIRA GANDHI WILDLIFE SANCTUARY and NATIONAL PARK :There is a 30 Km wide gap [big break in the Western Ghat mountain range] between the Nilgiri Hills to the north and the Anamalai Hills to the South that straddles the Kerala and Tamil Nadu border and serves as a major communication route between them.

Indira Gandhi Wild Life Sanctuary was declared a Project Tiger Zone in the year 2008. Elephants, Gaur, Tiger, Panther, Sloth Bear, Pangolin, Black Headed Oriole, Green Pigeon and Civet cat can be seen in this Sanctuary.Karian and Anaikunthi Sholas, Grass Hills, Waterfalls, Groves, Teak forests, Estates, Dams and Reservoirs add beauty to Anamalai Hills and attracts visitors in large numbers. Elephant Safari and Van services are available at the Top Slip to take the tourists around the Sanctuary.

Kalakkadu Sanctuaries

Kalakadu Wild Life Sanctuary: It is the 17th Tiger Reserve in India and the only one in Tamil Nadu, was declared as a Tiger Reserve in 1988, located in an area of 900km². This includes two contiguous Sanctuaries namely Kalakad Sanctuary and Mundanthurai Sanctuary and a part of Kanyakumari Sanctuary. This sanctuary is very popular with a great variety of Flora and Fauna. Short list includesTiger, Panther, Jackal and Wild dogs among the carnivores; King-cobra, Python and several other snakes among the reptiles population. The Kalakad Sanctuary was declared a forest preserve for the rare lion-tailed macaque, which is easily spotted here. The best season to visit this sanctuary is between March and September. Trekking is allowed here with the prior permission from the officials of Forest (Wildlife) Department. Other attraction in the vicinity is Kudirai Mozhitheri, a natural spring 12 kms from Tiruchendur.

Mundanthurai Sanctuaries

There is nothing to differentiate this sanctuary from the Kalakkadu Sanctuary, except for the absence of the Elephant and the Gaur. Situated in the Thirunelveli district, this sanctuary has dry decidious to tropical wet evergreen forests and patches of reeds in an area of 567 sq. kms.

Srivilliputhur Sanctuaries

Squirrel wild Life Sanctuary: Located at Srivilliputtur at an altitude that varies from 100 m to 200m, Spreads over a 480 km² of area. This was declared as a sanctuary in December 1989 as the Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary has a wide range of habitats - Upper Montane forests and grasslands at higher elevation; Wet Evergreen at mid elevation and Semi Evergreen, Moist Deciduous, Open Deciduous, Closed Deciduous forests and scrub jungles at the foot hills. The sanctuary has one Medicinal Plant Conservation Area (MPCA) located at Thaniparai.

Mayura Thottam

It is 22 kms from Ottapidaram of Tuticorin District. Mayurm means peacock in local language and Thottam means Garden. Large Peacock farm is located here in an area of 55 acres, hence this place is named as Mayura Thottam. The Peacocks have made this farm their home and even breed here. The entire farm is full of Coconut Groves and Guava Trees. October and November is the best period, when tourists can visit and enjoy the grand sight of Peacock Dance throughout the farm.

Source: Tamilnadu Tourism

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