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Boom in vegetable cultivation in North Coastal Andhra - a boon with NPM

This topic covers the Success of NPM programme in North coastal Andhra

NPM boom‘Non Pesticide Management Programme’ NPM introduced by the ‘Society for Elimination of Rural poverty’ has generated awareness on cultivation of organic crops and various crop models. ‘Common Investment Fund (CIF) has been a boon to many landless labourers who had no food security. These landless poorest of poor could now dream of becoming farmers. With the half acre of leased land they have developed “36 X 36” Palekar Model of ten gunta model etc to grow vegetables and other crops. Let us see the elation of some organic farmers of north coastal Andhra.

NPM farmers of Visakhapatnam

42 farmers of Korada village in Padmanabham mandal, Visakhapatnam district have planted 8-9 varities of vegetables in 19.5 acres of land. These crops include tomato, radish, brinjal, beans and various leafy vegetables. They together have gained an income of Rs.7,72,000 while Rs.1,36,000 is the investment made. That makes it a net income of 6 lakh rupees approximately.

Suryanarayana, an NPM farmer while sharing his experience said that when only one or two crops were cultivated in the past, in case of crop failure they ended up in debts. Raising multiple crops with non pesticides management has ensured no losses. Many farmers growing vegetables have got plenty of produce. However, as a result of this the farmers could not get a reasonable price in the local market. If farmers could be helped with marketing the seasonal vegetables, this would double their income.”

Tribal farmers of Srikakulam

Many tribal of Seethampeta mandal of Srikakulam region are not habituated in growing vegetables. Thanks to the non-pesticide management programmes, many farmers have started cultivating various vegetable crops. Arika Narayana, a tribal farmer who cultivated chilly along with onion, tomato, lady’sfinger and with leafy vegetables who earned income of Rs.2000 in one harvest. Taking him as a model inspired by the high yield and low inputs many have started inclining towards NPM method of cultivation. They have stopped using chemical fertilizers in paddy cultivation. As well they grow sun hemp for green manure. Darimalli tribal village has 22 families and 18 of them are cultivating ‘sun hemp’ and also preserve seeds.

Five poorest of poor POP families have started growing each SRI Paddy in ¼ acre of land and vegetables in the remaining ¼ acre. Each farmer has got 6 bags of paddy and earned around the income of Rs.15,000/- from vegetables. Savara Addai expressed his anguish that they are selling the vegetables at a throw away price in near by towns at Rs.10 per/kg. He feels that with proper marketing systems overcoming from poverty is not a difficult task.

The above mentioned are example of few villages. In the same condition is continued to exist in Vizianagaram region. In Thotapalli around 45 SC, ST families are cultivating vegetables in Palekar Model and hope in better marketing system.  Never the less, the investment of minimum capital and reasonable market rate are the challenges  ahead.

Thus the dream of Mr. T.Vijay Kumar C.E.O. S.E.R.P is becoming true with the P.O.P. model where the families can earn self respect and dependency in economy, to overcome from the line of poverty.

Source: Indian Grameen Services

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