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Goldchain Instead of Marital Yellow-thread

This topic covers the Success story of Katti Ademma of Khammam district, Telangana

Katti AdemmaKatti Ademma a poor woman belongs to the village of Jella Chervu of Kusumanchi mandal, which is 4km away from Khammam district. As Nagali team had approached she cordially welcomed and showed her field of lushgreen crop and said that she was habituated to buy and sell the vegetables in the cities till last year. She told that, previously they were daily labourers, and now they were turned into organic farmers.

There is Sri Venkateswara Swamy Mahila Samakhya, (SHG) in her village in which she was not interested to join. She learned about the activities and benefits of the village organization (VO) through the influence of her husband. Later she enrolled herself as a member of self-help group. In the SHG meetings she learned about NPM programmes and took ½ acre of land for lease.

She is 51 years old and her husband Buchaiah is 58 years old. They have 3 sons. The elder son Lakshmaiah of 26 years is an auto driver. The second son Prasad working as a mechanic was 24 years old and the third son Brahmam 18 years old is studying 9th standard in a corporate school.

She was guided by the cluster activist (CA) to adopt NPM method of cultivation.

As for the first crop, she raised leafy vegetables like kenalf, spinach, amaranthus, fenugreek, palak, and vegetables like clusterbeans, lady’s finger and cucumber.

Gross income Rs   =          34,000-00
The total expenditure was Rs   =               300-00
Net income was Rs   =          33,700-00

As for the second crop she raised vegetables like lady’sfinger, brinjal, cucumber, ridgegourd, clusterbeans and leafy vegetable like kenalf etc.

She earned an income of Rs    =           15,000-00
The total expenditure was Rs    =             2,000-00
Net income was Rs    =           14,800-00

As for the third crop she raised vegetables like lady’sfinger, brinjal, bottlegourd and leafy vegetables like kenalf etc.

She earned an income of Rs    =             7,000-00
The total expenditure was Rs    =               152-00
Net income was Rs    =             6,848-00

As for the fourth crop she raised vegetables like botlegourd,          tomato and leafy vegetables like kenalf, spinach etc.

She earned an income of Rs    =              5,000-00
The total expenditure was Rs    =                 200-00
Net income was Rs    =               4,800-00

During the discussions cluster activist Ms. Sujatha arrived and said that the landlord is not willing to extend the land for next year. For that Ademma confidently replied that now she is capable of getting the land for Rs. 5000/- or even for Rs. 6000/-.

Thus she proved her self-confidence. She was happy enough to reveal the facts behind her family life maintaining a decent living.

She proudly says that the employees and learned people preferred to buy vegetables from her as they knew that the organic vegetables are healthy. The editorial team was spellbound of her narration. She regards her success to NPM from which she earned superlative income of Rs. 61,000/- from ½ acre of land in one year.

Source: Indian Grameen Services

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