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Redgram: Natural Enemies

Natural enemies of Redgram insect pests are covered here

Natural Enemies of Redgram Insect Pests


Parasitoids _Redgram


Resistant/tolerant varieties

Pest/disease Tolerant/ resistant variety*
Phytophthora blight BDN1, ICPL 150, ICPL 288, ICPL 304 and KPBR 80-1-4
Pigeon pea sterility mosaic ICPL 157, NP(WR)15, Bahar
*For detailed and updated information nearest KVK/state Department, SAU / ICAR Institute may be contacted

IPM for Redgram

To know the IPM practices for Redgram, click here.

Source: NIPHM and Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage

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