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Cattle & Buffalo

Commercial farming and scientific management of cattle and buffalo are covered here

Breeds of cattle & buffalo
Indigenous and exotic breeds of cattle and buffalo used for dairy, draught and dual purposes are explained here
Housing Management
Various systems for housing milch animals, space requirement for establishing a commercial dairy shed and related activities are explained in detail in this topic
Breeding management
This section provides information about breeding management in cattle and buffalo.
Rearing of Calves
Management of calves at various stages including requirements for a calf house, feeding schedule, vaccination schedule and deworming are covered here
Common management practices
Important activities one should take care in dairy farming including weaning, disbudding, ear tagging, castration, vaccination, quarantine and record maintenance are explained here
Managing buffaloes during drought
This topic provides information about Managing Buffaloes during Drought.
Health Management
Causes, symptoms and treatment of important health problems in cattle, including ffot and mouth disease (FMD), bloat, enteritis, mastitis, abortion, milk fever, downer cow syndrome are discussed here
Milk Fever: Prevention Strategies with Special Emphasis on Nutritional Management
This topic gives information about Prevention Strategies with Special Emphasis on Nutritional Management
Calendar of activities for cattle management
This topic provides a monthly calendar of activities for cattle management.
Fodder Production
Commonly available fodders for dairy animals including legume, cereal and azolla are described in this section
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