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Protective clothing for farm workers

This topic includes various protective clothings for farm workers.

Exposure to pesticides and organic dust are the most important occupational risks among small and marginal farmers. To overcome their occupational health hazard, protective clothing/accessories are necessary.

Features of an ideal protective clothing for farm workers

The protective clothing should be designed in such a way that they are suitable and acceptable. A protective clothing is suitable and acceptable when its functional features provides protection to the wearer without causing any health problem or the hindrance while working. The designed protective clothing for the farm workers should also reduce their occupational health hazards and increased their work efficiency.

Recommended protective clothing for pesticide applicators

  • Dress Jacket with hood
  • Pyjama of water proof fabric (having lining of cotton hosiery fabric)
  • Mask resistant to chemicals (Respirator particulate)
  • Glasses/goggles
  • Sports shoes
  • Surgical gloves

Recommended protective clothing for threshing period

  • Apron with hood and full sleeves with elasticized cuffs (for males), Kameez with full sleeves preferably elasticized cuffs (for females)
  • Pleated mask / beak mask
  • Glasses/goggles
  • Sports shoes
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