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This topic provides information about DigiSevak - a volunteer management initiative to support Digital India activities.

Conceived by the National E-Governance Division (NEGD), Ministry of Electronics and IT, DigiSevak platform connects interest citizens with government to volunteer for various Digital India activities by Ministries and agencies of government. The platform offers a system for end to end management of volunteering activities.


  • To provide a platform to citizens to volunteer for Digital India related tasks and activities
  • To provide a platform to ministries and government agencies to find volunteers for Digital India related tasks and activities
  • To provide an opportunity to citizens to contribute to the success of Digital India by volunteering in their interest and skill areas
  • To create mass awareness about key focus areas of Digital India like cyber hygiene, digital literacy, e waste, MyGov, Digital Locker, CSCs etc.
  • To reward and recognise the work of volunteers through peer review, social media and point redeem system

Who can use this platform

A. Task Owners

  • Ministries/Department of Central Government implementing any project under Digital India and looking for volunteers
  • Ministries/Department of State Governments implementing any project under Digital India and looking for volunteers
  • Autonomous Organisation/PSUs/Agencies of Central Government implementing any project under Digital India and looking for volunteers
  • International Organisations (UN Bodies) looking for volunteers for ICT/Digital services projects
  • Other Organisations having working relations with Central Government Ministries and working on Digital India vision areas.

B. Volunteers

Citizens of India, interested persons who are willing to contribute to the goals of Digital India program by volunteering in their key interest and skill areas and should

  • Willing to spare time for Digital India work
  • Have at-least basic IT skills like emailing, MS Office, internet surfing etc.
  • Display courteous behaviour during both digital and physical communications
  • Must have strong organisational skills and written communication skills.
  • Should be a person of exemplary conduct.
  • Should have knowledge about social media and smartphone usage.

Volunteering tasks

  • Awareness Creation - Educating the masses about the importance and impact of Digital India, cyber hygiene and digital literacy.
  • Data Collection - Collecting data from citizens (villages, CSCs, RWAs) and students (schools, colleges, block offices).
  • Training - Training and motivating citizens to take up digital literacy courses.
  • Feedback Collection - Submitting feedback data at a portal after every outreach programme and activity of Digital India.
  • Participation - Participating in all Digital India outreach programmes.
  • Translation - Translating documents in English to different Indian languages.

Work flow

  • Online registration of volunteers. Click here to register. To access the help document for login, click here.
  • Confirmation mail is sent to all volunteers on successful completion of the registration
  • Volunteers are notified through line regarding the tasks they can take up
  • Volunteers can accept tasks online
  • Submission of the completed tasks by volunteers
  • Assessment of the completed tasks
  • Rating and rewards as per the Digital India volunteer policy

For further details and assistance, contact div@digitalindia.gov.in

Source : DigiSevak platform

Uday Chowdhury May 13, 2018 04:03 PM

I tried to register as individual volunteer, but failed. Is this platform is applicable for Organisations only?

Ranjit Halder Apr 08, 2018 05:17 PM

I can't registering digisevak.pls.help me

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