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Know your Employee Provident Fund balance through online

This section provides details regarding various online services related to Employees Provident Fund.

What is EPF ?

Employee Provident Fund is social security initiative by Government of India. This fund is being implemented by Employee Provident Fund Organization of India (Statutory body of the Government of India). In this fund both employer (owner of organization) and employee give compulsory contribution from salary. This small contribution will help employee to use this fund at older age or emergency situation.

Now Employee Provident Fund Organization extends various online services. The employees can benefit out of the following services.

  1. PF account balance.
  2. Download PF passbook.
  3. File transfer claim.
  4. Register grievance
  5. Other services.

Step by step process to download PF passbook

Following is the process to download PF passbook.

  1. Visit  https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  2. If you already have an activated Universal Account Number (UAN), enter your UAN number, password and Captcha code to view / generate your PF passbook.On successful login, go to the menu ‘Download’ and select ‘Download Passbook’. There is a link given to download PDF of this passbook also.
  3. If you are a first time user, you need to do the following.
    • You need to have a UAN. UAN stands for Universal Account Number. The UAN will act as an umbrella for the multiple Member Ids allotted to an individual by different establishments. Contact your employer to obtain your UAN . Your UAN is readily available with employer. To check the status of UAN, click here.
    • The activation of UAN is to be done. For activation of the UAN, click here. In the process of UAN activation, the password has to be created by the member. The password should be alphanumeric, have minimum 1 special character and 8-25 character long. Special characters are !@#$%^&*() Sample Password:: abc@1973
  4. A member can view the passbooks of the EPF accounts which has been tagged with UAN.
  5. The facility of passbook is not available for members of establishments having exemption under the EPF Scheme 1952.

For more information and FAQs on knowing your PF status online, click here.

Source : Employees' Provident Fund Organisation

UAN Activated Members Can Know PF Balance Through Missed Call AND SMS Alert

Members registered on the UAN portal may get their details available with EPFO by giving a missed call at 011-22901406 from their registered mobile number.  If the UAN of the member is seeded with any one of the Bank A/c number, AADHAAR and PAN, the member will get details of last contribution and PF balance.  To avail this facility, mobile number must be activated with UAN at Unified Portal. Giving missed call from registered mobile number at 011-22901406 automatically gets disconnected after two rings. This service is available free of cost to the member. Moreover, these services can be availed from non-smart phones also.

The information for availing missed call facility and SMS service for getting PF balance and last contribution is now available on UMANG app also.

Universal Account Number (UAN) activated members may know their latest PF contribution and balance available with EPFO by sending an SMS at 7738299899 from registered mobile number. The Member has to SMS “EPFOHO UAN” to 7738299899. The facility is available in 10 languages viz. English (default), Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannad, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali. For receiving SMS in any of the languages other than English, first three characters of the preferred language needs to be added after UAN. For example, to receive SMS in Telugu, then SMS to be send will be “EPFOHO UAN TEL” to 7738299899

SMS should be sent from the registered mobile number of UAN.  In response, EPFO will send last PF contribution and balance details of the member alongwith available KYC information.

Source : PIB

santosh Jun 18, 2018 10:33 AM

i don't have UAN no how can i check pf amount tell me some ideas

zahid ahmed Apr 07, 2018 10:25 AM

sir i have less than 5 years service but my PAN card is not registered with UAN Login if i claim for PF how Percentage of amount will detected from my PF account please tell me this

V.SEKAR Mar 05, 2018 05:08 PM


Anand Yadav Feb 02, 2018 11:07 AM

I m unableTo check my pf balance. And not able to find out my register number for checking.

prashant mishra Jan 05, 2018 10:58 AM

how can i get to know my pf account details with different companies using pan card no..

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