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Tamil Nadu

The topic briefs about the e-Governance initiatives that will benefit common man in Tamil Nadu.

Employment Online

Available Services

  • Online registration facility for job seekers
  • Career guidance and job alerts
  • Job posting facility for employers

Visit http://tnvelaivaaippu.gov.in/Empower/for more information about Employment Online.

Public Utility Forms

Available Services

  • Public Utility forms of all departments
  • Forms are available in both Tamil and English languages

Visit http://www.tn.gov.in/forms/deptname for more information about Public Utility Forms.

Transport service

Available Services

  • Grievance registration and status check
  • Online Booking Appointment For Learner's License and Driving License
  • Application Forms related to Driving License and Vehicle registration
  • Fees details for different kinds of services

Visit http://tnsta.gov.in/transport/ for more information about the services.

Online Land Records

Available Services:

  • View Patta/chitta extract and A-Register extract
  • Verification of web issued Patta and A Register extract
  • Verification of Poramboke Land

Visit Anytime-Anywhere e-Servicesfor more information about Online Land Records.

Online Text Books

Available Services

  • Text books of class I to 12
  • Books are in downloadable format

Visit http://www.textbooksonline.tn.nic.in/for more information about Online Text Books.

Grievance Redressal

Available Services

  • Online submission of grievance application
  • District wise application submission facility available
  • Application can be submitted after selecting department

Cause list of Madras High Court

Available Services

  • Daily, weekly and monthly cause list of Madras High Court and Madurai Bench of Madras High Court

Visit http://causelists.nic.in/chennai_new/index1.htmlfor more information about the service.

Online Electoral Roll

Available Services

  • Search your name in online available electoral rolls
  • Name can be searched by selecting district and constituency

Online Citizen Charters

Available Services

  • Department wise citizen charters of Tamil Nadu government
  • Citizen charters are available in English and Tamil

Electricity tariff calculator

Available Services

  • Calculate your electricity bill online

Tender Notice

Available Services

  • Online tender notices of different departments of Tamil Nadu Government
  • Tender notices are available in PDF format and in English language

Visit http://www.tenders.tn.gov.in/ for more information about the service.

Website directory

Available Services

  • Website directory of different departments, organization and bodies
  • Directory has been categorized as Tamil Nadu government departments, undertaking/boards, statutory organization, districts of Tamil Nadu, Municipal Corporation and educational institutions


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Tamilnadu VLE voice Jun 14, 2015 06:46 AM

Being the VLE of Tamilnadu, I want to raise my concern about the recent happenings on Edistrict services through common service centers (CSC). We were rendering Edistrict services in our localities for over last one year superbly. Within the our villages itself public able to get most of Govt services.

Suddenly a month back user id provided to our VLEs are blocked without any prior notice. We are not even able to generate certificates which we applied already through our centers. Public come to our centers everyday asking whether certificates they applied are approved. Since our id's are blocked and no officers providing us the reason, we started redirecting public to Taluk office. Some started fighting to VLEs saying I have given money to you and why I should I go there. In one instance, one of our VLE get hospitalized due to paralysis attack not withstanding public pressure.

Now being the admission season people are not able to get the certificates and unmanageable crowd in taluk offices. We met several officers and no transparent answers. Don't know what's happening.

They assign technical reasons for this Id block
. for over one month not able to resolve? Pathetic !! Worst case is now again manual certificates issuance started.

For unknown reasons, people are under trouble and future of CSC through VLE in Tamilnadu are uncertain. No one come forward to ask question for CSC including central Govt. Frustration only remains at last.

Anonymous May 14, 2015 11:30 AM

tnsta.gov.in online no work in woriking hours pls correct the web site

Neechalkaran Feb 21, 2014 02:08 PM

Tamilnadu's exam registeration portal

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